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Default XP HOWTO- Using Mini to Remotely Connect to Home Comp - 02-21-2009, 10:38 PM

Hey guys, this is for how to connect using an XP mini to an XP home computer.

I didnt see a thread on this, although its quite simple and its really just basic XP tool-usage with a SIMPLE coding modification. The neat thing I'm working on now is using my mini to connect to my Latidude that sits at home. Kinda neat-- it lets me keep all my files and programs on that 200GB workhorse of a machine, including MicroSoft Office, and just connect to it all remotely from the library. So I can essentailly dial in to use MS Word, send myself Mp3s I want to listen to from my home comp, open up SketchUp and access any file on my harddrive. Just to spook the roomate I can also print remotely, play music through my speakers and all that fun jazz. I imagine this would be horrible if I ever lost internet connection WHILE typing a paper on my "remote desktop", but Im getting a kick out of it nonetheless. Worse comes to worse the paper would be there on my Latitude when I got home.

Basically, I'm just using a standard remote "Assistance Request" out of XP to create the connection file, sending it to myself on the netbook and then dailing in and "taking control" of my D820, as though Im some offsite computer admin. For those tinkerers who don't know how to do it, it's easy as pie:

1) Make the connection file from the host/HOME/Not Mini computer.
Go to Start>Help and Support>'Invite a friend to connect to your computer with Remote Assistance">"Invite Someone to Help You">Type in your own email address>Invite This Person>Continue>Set how long you want the Invite to work for&Set a password (Highly recommended)>Send Invitation

This will launch your email client, go ahead and send this email to yourself. It will also send an attached "RA Invitiation" (Remote Assistance). The filename is "RAInvitation.msrcincident" (What a great file extension.) This is the key file that will let you connect. If your client won't automattically attatch the RA Invitation file to your email, just save it to your own desktop (you'll be prompted asking if you want to keep a copy for yourself) and then manually send it to the Mini via Email or USB.

2) Let's dial into the home computer on the Mini without slipstreaming the process. This will show you what the process is like before we change the coding to allow for quick remote access so you dont have to be sitting at both computers in order to "accept" the access.

-Make sure both computers are connected to the internet and logged in. Again, you still need to be near both physically, but they dont have to be connected to the same network.

-On the mini, open that email, save the RA Invitation and open it. Type the password you set and click on "Yes" to begin the remote accesss. A window will open.

-On the HOST computer now, a window will open, asking you if you 'would like to give another user access to your desktop.' Click YES. Now the mini will be able to see the desktop of the home computer, but will not be able to control it. This, I imagine, would be if the technician at the Mini side was going to TALK the home user through his own edits.

-The mini computer can now view the desktop of the home computer, either in 'Actual Size" or 'scale to window' (toggle button is in the upper right hand corner) This isn't very interesting, because the mini still has no control. Now on the mini, to be that frustrated technican that we've all been before and just grab the mouse away from the incompetent home user (and hence 'Take Control' of the home computer) simply click 'take control' (Upper left corner).

-A new window will pop up on the HOME computer, asking 'Do you want to let this remote user control your computer?' Click on YES. Now the Mini will have access to everything on the Home Computer! Yeay!

Of course, this isn't of much use if you have to physically be AT the home computer to click 'yes' twice to grant permission everytime you want to access your files... so let's get rid of those two security prompts asking if remote access can be granted. Keep in mind your computer will still be protected by the password on the RA file and also by the experiation date you set.

As I was writing this I just stumbled upon a VERY clean explanation of this following step from The Scripting Pod.

-First, "disconnect"/"release control" the Home Computer from the mini.

-Now, on the HOME computer, there are bascially two files to change in order to allow for the autoaccepting of these remote access windows. Each file controls/automattically clicks "allow" for one of the two screens. The two files are

C:\WINDOWS\pchealth\helpctr\System\Remote Assistance\helpeeaccept.htm
C:\WINDOWS\pchealth\helpctr\System\Remote Assistance\Interaction\Server\TakeControlMsgs.htm


-We're going to use NotePad to edit each file.
-In notepad, first navigate to helpeeaccept.htm to edit the code. Insert the line
"DoAccept();" (without quotation marks) immediately after the line "btnDecline.focus();" and BEFORE the following semicolon. This automattically clicks YES for the first window. Taken from the abovementioned Scripting Pod site, the code show now look as follows:

File "1" snippet sample showing modification required

* line 156: btnAccept.disabled = false;
* line 157: btnDecline.disabled = false;
* line 158: btnDecline.focus();
* line 159: DoAccept(); //NEW line Added for auto-accept
* line 160: ;

-Save this modified helpeeaccept.htm.
-Great! You fixed the first automatic accept screen, automatically allowing the Mini to SEE the desktop of the HOME computer.

-Now to fix the second file to automatically allow the Mini to _take control_ of the Home Computer.
-Navigate to TakeControlMsgs.htm
-This is going to automatically grant the Mini access to control the home computer!
-Here, you're just inserting a line of code "onClickHandler(0);" to become the new line 29

Again, from Scripting Pod:

File "2" snippet sample showing modification required

* line 25: = "hidden";
* line 26: alert( L_ERRACCESSDENIED_Text );
* line 27: return;
* line 28: }
* line 29: onClickHandler(0); //NEW line Added for auto-accept
* line 30: return;

-Save this modified TakeControlMsgs.htm
-Great! Now both of those windows should automatically be accepted.

Now go back to the Mini.
On the mini, run the RAInvitation again
Again type in the password and click "Yes" to connect to the HOME computer
Now, from the Mini, you can already view the desktop of the HOME computer (No need to have someone at the Home computer clicking 'OK' to grant you viewing permission!)
Now, to take control of the HOME computer, just click on 'Take Control' from the mini...
And Viola! You've got control! You can now access that HOME computer and all the programs installed on it and the files on its harddrive just like you were standing at it IRL.

Some things to note: If you open a music file via this Remote Connection, you will not hear it stream on the mini. You can, however, from the Mini click on the "Remote Access" window thats currently pulled up ON the HOME computer, select 'Send a file' (from the HOME computer to the Mini) and simply send yourself the MP3. It's not quite the same, but you still have access, abliet limited, to your music collection. You can also directly send files from your Mini to the Home Computer in the same way. It beats having to login to an email client.

I have yet to test it out with putting a DVD in the HOME drive and attempting to watch it from this remote access-- I imagine the lag would be incredible, but... a neat idea nonetheless. What's neat about this is that you get to use your entire processing speed and RAM at home and use it remotely. You also get access to all the external USB stuff you might have plugged in at home.

There you go! I hope you enjoy it. I hope it was clear enough.

Please feel free to post questions/comments and let me know if anyone has tried anything real neat with this-- burning a DVD remotely? Doing a quick design in SketchUp on the mini and sending it back to the HOME comp to be rendered with a lighting plugin? Just using a MASSIVE harrdrive for space? Essentially this just made the Mini a remote control, and if you've got external harddrive on your Home Computer, your 16 GB SSD just tapped into a 2 TB HDD.

If the entire idea of having a netbook is to fully utilize the internet, and I think it is, this is something that all Mini users should use.

Lemme know how it works/fun other modifications.
Does anyone know if this can be done from PC (mini) to MAC (home) or MAC (mini) to PC (home)?


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Default Re: XP HOWTO- Using Mini to Remotely Connect to Home Comp - 02-24-2009, 10:08 AM

Try out Team Viewer, based on Is for both MAC and Windows (If you run ubuntu or linux native) you should have many other way s

All you need is a id and password (issued by program). I used the above method but I need to find a way to always connect. Teamviewer is very good beside remote desktop (needs configuring, hard for ppl who is not computer literate)
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