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Default Nlite XP - reinstalling drivers issues... - 12-05-2008, 07:03 PM


I used Nlite and got XP on flash drive. I also copied contents of Dell's webcam and drivers CDs to the flash drive.

Before reformat, I had bluetooth, and also webcam, but can't seem to get those drivers reinstalled...

Bluetooth says press Fn+F2 to activate bluetooth. I get that it means Fn+2, but that doesn't work either. Fn+F3 (i think) brings up windows search, so it's not that the Fn key is disabled.

As for the webcam, I just get an "error during install" message...
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Default Re: Nlite XP - reinstalling drivers issues... - 12-05-2008, 08:01 PM

anyone with nlite that allowed for bluetooth and webcam installs, do you have HID Service running? Do you have a bluetooth service? I didn't disable any services but HID is disabled and I can't start it...

or can someone post an nlite config that works? thx.
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Default Re: Nlite XP - reinstalling drivers issues... - 12-05-2008, 08:16 PM

I'm pretty sure you'll need the Wireless Switch from Dell's website. Install that, then the Bluetooth driver. The Wireless Switch allows the Fn-2 to turn wireless and bluetooth on/off.

Hope that helps!


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Default Re: Nlite XP - reinstalling drivers issues... - 12-05-2008, 11:13 PM

Will someone post there nlite settings?? I've tried 3 builds with nlite and I keep failing :-(
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Default Re: Nlite XP - reinstalling drivers issues... - 12-20-2008, 12:37 AM

I cant get the webcam driver to install either. Just errors during the install.
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Default Re: Nlite XP - reinstalling drivers issues... - 01-06-2009, 09:50 PM

I also had driver issues with nLite and my reinstall.

I nLited my XP Home reinstall discs that came with my system. The first time i did it I followed these instrustions ( on an eeePC forum site, which was linked on this thread. That seemed to work OK and installed but for the life of me I couldn't get my Fn+F2 wireless switching to work, nor my battery meter, my Ericsson HSPA/3G/GPS card to work either.

Eventually, I decided to try again. Also using my XP Home CD - and this time my results were much better.

I will post my config file if you want but quite simply I did the following:
Service Pack - ignored
Hotfixes - ignored
Drivers - ignored (seemed too difficult to do
- Left all the drivers in.
- Left only the UK Keyboard in
- Left only English UK Language in
- Left all multimedia in
- Left all of Network in bar IPv6 which i removed
- Did a couple of tweaks on OS Options
- Left services as it was

The key bit I found was the next screen. You must specify the computer type as ACPI Multiprocessor. I didn't bother with any other options as I found even though I set them, the install asked me for them anyway.

I then enable "remove duplicate files" on the Options screen and that was pretty much it.

This installed OK - annoyingly you still need to enter your Product Key :evil: but all went swimmingly. It does take a while, but I ended up with an install of ~1.1GB. This increased to ~1.5GB after all the drivers and .Net stuff.

The drivers were really easy this time round. i followed acabtp's thread (here:, but I found it much easier to do it in this order:
  • R192572 - video drivers
    R192574 - intel chipset drivers
    R197395 - jmicro card reader drivers
    R192569 - The magic keyboard short cut driver (Fn+# driver)
    R192597 - synaptics touch pad drivers
    R193091 - vodafone software for HSDPA (UK)
    R197390 - broadcom wireless lan drivers
    R192570 - wireless select switch
    R197396 - bluetooth drivers* (I actually used the hacked ones from here:
    R193480 - creative webcam drivers
    R197392 - realtek hd audio drivers

Bear in mind you need the Funky Fn+ driver to view battery, turn wireless on etc... You can't turn on your bluetooth to install it without this. I left the audio till last I was hoping there would be a plain driver on Windows update, but their isn't currently.

Have fun!

Dell Mini 9: Obsidian Black | A05 | Win7 / OS X 10.5.6 Dual Boot | DellEFI 1.1 | 2GB RAM | 64GB RunCore 70mm SSD | 4GB SDHC | Vodafone HSPA | 0.3mP webcam
Dell Mini 9: Obsidian Black | as above except: XP Pro SP3 | 250GB USB HDD
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h0t SaUc3 h0t SaUc3 is offline
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Default Re: Nlite XP - reinstalling drivers issues... - 02-12-2009, 06:25 AM

if you want to install drivers with nLite, you must extract the contents of the .exe file (WinRar can do the job). When adding them in nLite navigate to the folder with the extracted files and just click on any of the .inf files (if there is more than 1) and your set. As far as the bluetooth driver, I have not tried to install it as I don't need it as of now.

Here is a link to download drivers that are ready for nLite implementation:

Good Luck,

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