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Default OSX vs. Win7 for video? - 10-25-2010, 09:34 PM

I currently have OSX installed on my DM9. I have 2gb RAM and 16GB SSD. I mainly use this machine for Firefox browsing, email (web client) and watching videos. While OSX does an adequate job on the first two, it sucks at the third. I now have a MacBook Pro that I use when "only a Mac will do" such as Garage Band. So, I'm considering switching my DM9 to Win7 if it promises to do better on video playback. With OSX, video is awfully choppy. I was hoping Win7 might have better codecs or just works better with the video processor. Is it worth switching?
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Default 10-25-2010, 09:49 PM

The Mini 9 has essentially zero hardware support for video decoding. It just supports colorspace conversion and scaling, and I expect this works well in all OSs. Your video player just needs to be configured to take advantage of it (which it should be by default).

But the hard part, the actual video decoding, will fall to software running on the CPU. And some software is better than others. Before you abandon OSX, I'd try different software, like VLC.

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