Windows 7 Discussion on Windows 7 and operating it on the Dell Mini series.

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Originally Posted by holmes4 View Post
In the US, making a copy of the media for your use as a backup is generally considered legal, though I'm not sure the US copyright law explicitly says so. Making a copy and giving it to someone else, without permission of the copyright holder is not legal, and this is true in most countries as far as I know. Downloading unauthorized copies is, I think, Illegal in the US, though few get prosecuted for this unless they do it on a massive scale. If you were the one to "make available" the copy, you can be prosecuted and many have.

In any event, this forum, which is hosted in the UK (stricter copyright laws in many ways than the US), takes the position that we do not allow discussion of methods of obtaining pirated software as forums that do so have been prosecuted before. We also do not allow users to post copies or links to unauthorized copies of software.

If you had been a regular forum user, I might have given you the benefit of the doubt on this matter. But you were new, and we've had lots of problems with spammers and one-post wonders with links to pirated software, so your mention of downloading Windows from a torrent just set me off. (Your reregistering and calling me "stupid" didn't improve my mood. Hint - flaming moderators of any forum is generally an ill-considered move.)

In any event, I hope that you came here as a Dell Mini owner (or potential owner) and will stick around to share in the community.
So in the UK what happens if you own windows 7 ultimate. And you download another copy from an "illegal" torrent site. Is that piracy? I mean you already bought the software. The only difference is you didnt make the backup yourself your downloading a backup copy someone else made. What happens in this situation?
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I am not a lawyer, much less familiar with UK laws. I do know that people have been prosecuted in both countries simply for downloading content, and holding a license is no defense to that.

I told you what this forum's policy is. If you want to study international copyright law, you'll have to do it elsewhere.

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