Windows 7 Discussion on Windows 7 and operating it on the Dell Mini series.

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Default problem formating fat32 to NFTS after os-x install, starting with win7 install - 09-28-2009, 08:05 AM

i am installing os-x and win7 on dell mini10v.

kinda following guide:

Mini 9 Dual Boot: OSX and Windows 7 using only a Windows Vista Machine for prepartion

got to step d:
"D - Windows 7 Install

1) Start the DellMini9 with only the Slim7 thumb drive installed into a USB port. Upon the boot press 0 for the boot menu and choose the USB boot option. This will boot the Slim7 USB drive and bring you to the first page of the Windows 7 installation menu.

2) Click the Start button to begin the installation. After that screen, on your Mini 9 press FN+shift+F10. This will bring up a command prompt. Within this command prompt we are going to format the Fat32 partition that was created during the OSX installation into a NTFS partition. Type following commands

list disk
select disk n (where n = disk number that is your SDD)
list volume
select volume n(where n = volume number that is currently formatted as FAT32)
format fs=NTFS quick

Once the formatting has completed exit out of the command prompt windows(s) and proceed to the installation screen that gives you the Custom Installation option. "

i get as far as format fs=NFTS quick, then i get error message:

"0 % completed

virtual disk service error:the file system is incompatible"

i don't understand....anyone have any ideas, or seen this before?

selected correct disk and volume.

volume 1 letter c win7 FAT32 Partition 73GB Healthy

any clues?

thanks, appreciate the time and help....
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Default 09-29-2009, 01:20 AM

yikes, why do they have you doing all that command line stuff. Just use the menu, choose install, down at the bottom there should be options when you're on the page that has the choose the drive to install on. There is an advanced button option or perhaps advanced options, can't remember and I just did this myself within the last week. Hopefully you should find the format option. Choose the partition and format. Pretty straight forward once you've got to the correct menus.

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