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Default Attemping to pair to the bluetooth Blackberry Stereo gateway - 04-03-2009, 03:59 AM

I know this makes a horrible first post, but i'm in a pickle and i guess this would be the most helpful place.

Okay, i just got my mini9, whoo hoo and the only upgrade i did was the bluetooth module. My intentions are to use this as a portable bluetooth music device in the car (what the gateway is for, and set it before driving of course) and with my bluetooth headphones.

I get the mini up and running, great. I load up amarok (i LOVE amarok, it's what keeps me coming back to linux) and then stick a bunch of mp3s on a sd card and then go to work on the bluetooth. First, i pair it with my a2dp headphones. after a little hiccup of figuring it out, they pair and it's working great (in rythymbox since amarok doesnt play music through bluetooth even though its set and rb does it, but thats a differnt problem). I connect my phone wirelessly to take some music off it, and again, its fine, other than the ridiculously slow speed its going. So then i try to pair with the a2dp gateway, and the mini sees it, and it says it pairs with it, but it hasn't.

So i go checking for updated packages, nothing pertaining to bluetooth. I go to the bluez website. So, the bluez applet version installed is 0.25 and they have version 4.34 online. So i download it and try to install it. i extract it and run ./configure, and i get a d-bus isnt installed error. I go download d-bus 1.2.12 and try to install that, i get a could not find expat.h error. so i run sudo apt-get install expat, and it installs expat. run ./configure again for d-bus and i get the same error.

What do i do now?
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Default 07-18-2009, 08:30 PM

I have identical problem - any luck in finding a solution?

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Default 07-19-2009, 01:29 AM

Did either of you try using Blueman in place of the stock Gnome/Ubuntu Bluetooth applet? I know it is a little friendlier about it, but I haven't bothered setting up audio on mine (I use it for PAN and file transfers to my G1 phone).
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