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Default Did I just kill my SDHC card? - 03-28-2009, 01:15 AM


I'm a new Mini 9 owner (bought mine on the $199 sale day).

But I can't leave well enough alone... so I bumped the ram to 2GB, added a 16GB Supertalent drive, and installed OS X 10.5. And to finish it off, I switched back to Ubuntu: OS X was a bit glitchy and the GUI just doesn't fit a 1024x600 screen. And everything's great now, except somewhere in there I borked the SDHC card I bought to hold my music.

It worked fine when I used it with the (original) Dell Ubuntu install. But OS X said there was something wrong with the card, so I used Disk Utility to reformat the drive (soooo happy I've got my files backed up).

Then when I switched back to Ubuntu, the card wouldn't behave (permission errors? files didn't show up after transfers...). I guessed the formatting was the issue, so I installed G-parted and tried to format the drive (Ext3 or FAT32).

And now it looks like the SDHC is completely dead. G-parted can format the drive, says its a success, then throws up an error saying the drive isn't formatted - it creates the space, but can't turn it into a partition.

... and thats the limits of my linux-fu, unfortunatly.

So... does anyone know if I can bring my SDHC card back to life, or is it a lost cause?

Thanks ahead of time for the help! 8-)
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Default Re: Did I just kill my SDHC card? - 03-28-2009, 03:47 AM

If you did not go beyond 10.5.5 in your OSX installation the screen appears funky. For me, after the initial installation I was disappointed because of the screen issue. Once the upgrade was complete to 10.5.6 things looked much better.

I still noticed that for some actions the windows were just a bit too long for the screen. Bmaltais created a program that allowed for the quick resizing of windows before they open. The program is located here located in this thread

As far as repairing your SD I am sorry, I have no idea how to help you but I am interested in the fix. Perhaps you could give OSX a try again.

FWIW I still have a "Fat Apple" during the boot but hey, that's what makes it a Hackintosh

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Will install OSX for Food
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Default Re: Did I just kill my SDHC card? - 03-28-2009, 04:10 AM


Thanks for the response!

I'm actually putting OS X back as I type this to see if Disk Utility can fix things. I'll post a note if that fixes things...

As for OS X, I got the full install up and running (I've had a Mac Mini for a few years, and I'm quite happy with it). The major issue I had on the Dell is that OS X doesn't work well at 1024X600... with the menu bar, then the dock, then the app. controls... the actual usable space for programs (like Firefox) gets pretty small.

And I also started running into... glitches. Freezing during boot-up. Keys I didn't press would "stick" on." And I actually kinda want to learn Linux. Neither OS X nor Ubuntu does exactly what I want... at least with Linux I can tinker a bit (and likely break something, like I have with my SD card :-p).
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Default Re: Did I just kill my SDHC card? - 03-28-2009, 07:27 AM

I had a problem with a Transcend SDHC card on my Mini, but am confident it was a hardware issue.

It repeatedly complained about input/output errors. tesdisk was unable to complete. Trying "zero" the drive with dd just hung half way.

Make certain it isn't a problem with the SD card. I returned mine.

If gparted is unable to format, you should be able to use fdisk and cfdisk to remove the partition table, and reformat (Terminal commands).
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