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Default 8.10 fresh install, setup won't fit screen - 03-26-2009, 10:06 PM

Hi Guys,

Just got my Mini 9 a few days ago and I quickly gained a dislike for Dell's Ubuntu installation. Simply too much bloat with Yahoo! junk.

I am in the middle of installing 8.10 from a USB drive and it turns out every window in the installation is too tall for the screen, so I can't see the forward/back/exit buttons. I've managed to dig my way through it blindly hitting Enter after a few guess Tab presses(thank god for confirm on exit dialog boxes!).

Is there a way to get around this? I can't seem to get my Mini to switch to an external monitor display with the Fn+8 keystroke during the installation. I'm going to be going through this again soon since i'm going to fresh install onto a new SSD for 9.04.


EDIT: two additions. First I was able to get it to project to an external monitor, but it's keeping the same resolution as the mini so that dosen't help.

The bigger problem is I apparently left my 16GB SDHC card in the Mini during the installation and it repartitioned my SDHC card to only be 39 MB as I apparently told it to install to the SD card and not the SSD. Can I restore the card to it's full capacity?

EDIT 2: 2nd attempt at installing yielded an error about the bootloader I think and then after a reboot I get stuck at a black screen with just "MBR FA:" on it. Trying for a 3rd time but I think i'm missing something during the install to be screwing it up so much.

EDIT 3: 3rd time was a charm, got 8.10 installed without a crapton of errors. But, for the time being my SDHC card is worthless since it only registers as 41 MB when I plug it in.
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Default Re: 8.10 fresh install, setup won't fit screen - 03-27-2009, 01:05 PM

1. If a window is too large for the screen, hold down the Alt key while clicking anywhere in the window, then use the mousepad to drag the window so you can see the buttons at the bottom.
2. Download the gparted partition editor with the following terminal commands:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gparted
gksu gparted
You can use this utility to create/delete/resize partitions on your SD card. (Assuming it is not mounted. If it is mounted as /home, you'll need to run gparted from a live CD or USB.)

Hope that helps.
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