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Default sleep inhibit applet and display issue - 09-12-2010, 08:23 PM


Since the latest set of upgrades (approx 32 mb) my power manager inhibit applet that lets me close the mini without is sleeping will not work. It has a small red ! on the icon and says it cannot connect to gnome-power-manager.

For a month or so I have had issue with outputting to my television. I use the computer monitor type cable. It always works to show the desktop- but once I have a video going it either wont show on the television or will show when its windowed but goes black when maximized. I have tried different combos of plugging in the wire, starting the video and hitting function 8 to switch to the tv view but cant get it to work reliably.

Also I cant find a screen that lets me control the setting on multiple days such as I am familiar with in windows.

Thanks for any help with these issues!
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Default 10-25-2010, 10:09 PM

Are you running the OEM "Dellbuntu"?

As for the problem with fullscreen video when running multiple monitors, I'd try configuring your video player to use a different video output method.

In Mplayer at least, it's easy. "mplayer -vo gl video.avi" will play the given file with OpenGL video output. "-vo xv" will use Xvideo. "-vo x11" will use simple X11 output. X11 output should ALWAYS work, but performance can stink, and you'll need "-zoom" to enable resizing with X11 (so "mplayer -vo x11 -zoom video.avi").

Other video players, like VLC, will have similar options under "video output - advanced" or whatever.

As for configuring multiple monitors, RandR is the standard for changing monitor config on the fly in Linux, so most of the tools are named similarly. I usually use the "xrandr" terminal utility. But you might find something like "grandr" more friendly.

Good luck.

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