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Default Linux quasi-noob asking for quick advice! - 12-15-2009, 11:11 AM

Hi guys,

I'm good with computers, but I never had the time to explore linux. I'm starting up a charity where companies give us their dusty old PC's and we test and prep them for various institutions. These past few months a friend and I recoupped several PC's to start testing procedures to give to schools and other institutions, and for the first time ever I messed with Linux, 9.04 Januty - We had initialy considered Microsoft (M$ henceforth)...

I managed to get Wine going with loads of ROMS for the kids, got the 3D rotating cube etc etc... basically I was VERY impressed with what I saw! Very impressed to the point I dont think I will even consider Windows at all!

I want to keep going at it, learn linux and become "user proficient". Sort of like "basic, nothing fancy, system admin" to configure networks, couple of games, Open Office... you know how kids love to test the unknown! - and I know thing will break real quick, so I need a grip on things.

I saw Karmic Koala last week and saw nothing different. I suppose under the hood its better. Is it the best choice for this project?

Will Karmic Koala run of my 10v, or will it hog it down? do I really need one of those "remix" versions? Will I loose any functionalities or goodies by using a "netbook distribution" ? I would like to use as much as a regular version as I can so I dont compromise the learning curve...

I'm a bit lost regarding this last paragraph...

Thanks a bunch !!

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Default 12-15-2009, 01:36 PM

According to your signature, your 10v has 2GB of RAM, and a 320GB 7200rpm HDD, right? It should run any Linux distro well.

The Atom N-series and GMA950 graphics chip can't edit/encode videos (at a reasonable speed) or play HD videos (well), And Flash can be a poor performer on the Atom. But those limitations apply to all OSs. Less CPU-intensive software shouldn't be a problem.

Here are my thoughts about some of the netbook Linux distros.

Ubuntu Netbook Remix is virtually identical to standard Ubuntu. You get all the normal software and drivers. Just a couple cosmetic changes.

I don't know much about Ubuntu Moblin Remix.

Moblin (by itself) is very different from Ubuntu. I didn't like it, and it has less built-in driver support compared to Ubuntu. But it may be good for less experienced computer users who just want to browse the web (once someone else installs and sets it up for them).

ChromeOS is another netbook Linux, but it's not ready for primetime yet. And it has a overwhelming focus on web browsing and web services, to the exclusion of regular software.

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