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Default noob needs more disk space - 09-23-2009, 06:02 AM

I know this has been asked somewhere but I couldn't find it. I apologize for repeating the question to those who get annoyed by such things.

mydellmini9, 4Gb SSD, 2Gb RAM, UNR 9.04 running for about 6 months
(btw, replacement LG lcd's are on ebay for $30, heehee)

My wife and kids use this for playing games and playing online (youtube, facebook, email, etc...). I'm concerned because after the fresh install and subsequent "essential" updates, we have about 200Mb of free space. I've removed everything I can using the Add/Remove function, and I'm now playing with removing packages in Synaptic. My problem is that when I try to remove part of a package, like CHEESE (I don't have a webcam), synaptic wants to remove an entire package which I think includes other things like F-Spot. We use the mini9 to view pics from our camera occasionally.

Can someone show me some commands for removing specific programs that we don't use? I also have multiple installs of firefox and shiretoko I'm trying to get rid of.
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Default 09-23-2009, 12:37 PM

I have a couple ideas.

Try running "du -sh /var/cache/apt" in a terminal. That tells you how much disk space is being used by package installers, which can safely be removed, after their package is installed. If a fair amount of space is wasted, run "sudo apt-get clean" to remove them. You can also delete the files via Synaptic, find "Delete cached package files" in the preferences dialog.

Try running "du /home | sort -n | tail" in a terminal to get a list of the biggest directories under "/home". Maybe something's wasting alot of space. Separate Firefox caches for separate users might be a problem. Delete them and disable disk caching in Firefox to save space.

As for removing packages, package dependencies can be very convoluted. One thing that helps is knowing which packages are meta-packages. For example, the "ubuntu-netbook-remix" package can be removed without affecting anything. It's just a "meta-package". "ubuntu-netbook-remix" depends on a mountain of software, but that's just to ensure that someone who installs "ubuntu-netbook-remix" gets everything. If you don't want everything, it has to go.

Also, sort installed packages in Synaptic by size (you might need to add the size column in preferences). Then remove old kernel versions. To give you an idea of what you're looking for, I have attached a screenshot showing a system with several older kernels installed, wasting hundreds of MB. Also, note any other large, useless packages when you're browsing by size.

I hope those tips help you free up some space.
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Default 09-24-2009, 03:15 AM

Thank you so much, I'm almost up to 1 GiB of free space.
I'm still trying to pick apart the parts of ubuntu and UNR that I don't need, like the Cheese program and bluetooth capabilities. I've taken care of the other language support already. All I really need installed are the inlcuded games (for the wife), wifi, firefox, evolution, and media capabilities. Things like openoffice and gimp are already gone too. Can someone tell me how to remove individual games that she doesn't play, and programs like cheese that are part of larger packages?
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