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Default Streakdroid vs stock froyo - 02-10-2011, 07:24 PM

Hi, I have an unlocked Dell streak which I was able to get android 2.2 on. I do not know much about rooting or custom os', but I have seen that there are custom roms for the streak which can apparently optimize the streaks performance. What are the benefits of choosing one of dj_steves roms over stock froyo and if indeed running a rom is better then the stock os, which version of the rom would be best?

Also, if a custom rom is beneficial, are there any issues with installing a rom that can possibly ruin the streak? I use the device as my primary phone, so I can not afford to possibly ruin my device. And lastly, if I were to install a custom rom and decide to go back to the stock froyo, is it possible to do that too?

I appreciate and and all input on the matter.

Alpine White Mini 9, 2Gb ram, 64Gb Runcore SSD, 1.3MP cam, internal BT module, Dualboot Win7/OSX 10.5.8

Unlocked Streak, Streakdroid v.1.9.0

XPS M1330, 4Gb ram, 320Gb HDD, 128Mb Geforce 8400M GS, Wireless N, internal BT module, Slim and Brite LCD, Windows 7 Ultimate
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Default 02-13-2011, 10:32 PM

To ease your mind, I have a black, unlocked, unsubsidized Streak from the launch which is rooted and running DJ_Steve's v1.7.0. I have similarly unlocked, unsubsidized Cherry Red Streak with stock 2.2 on it. This one will be rooted as soon as the unlock code is provided through Dell from AT&T. Rooting provides flexibility, something basic 2.2 doesn't have. I bricked the black one the first time I attempted flashing the ROM. Bricking is not fatal. Flashing a ROM takes patience and good technical instructions, something found on StreakDroid. If whomever writes the instructions makes the assumption you know something you don't, you will get in trouble. There's a lot of help available to you, if something goes wrong or doesn't feel right. All you have to do is ask.

I prefer DJ_Steve's ROM's to the stock ones, mostly because I have control over everything, from the launcher to the keyboard to the ability to purge the caches. Then there is all the control you have over the OS's appearance on the home pages. If you root, you will have access to the speed analysis tools, too. I don't have a clue about the ability to return to a stock ROM. Once you've tasted FroYo by DJ_Steve, I don't think you will want to go back. In case you are interested, he's working on HoneyComb for us. Can't wait!
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Default Update: StreakDroid vs. stock AT&T FroYo - 02-27-2011, 07:29 PM

I got a surprise! I waited two weeks for an unneeded unlock code, courtesy of the seemingly unschooled Dell and AT&T staff. No one mentioned the phone was truly unlocked and I didn't need a code. I hope your Streak is similarly unlocked, rhaykal. While waiting, I bought an unactivated T-Mobile card, so I wouldn't be bothering the only person I know with T-Mobile to borrow their card. I put in the new SIM card, and ta, da! T-Mobile on an AT&T device! No service, but they sent me a VM.

I rooted it with Z4Root. Very straight forward.

The flashing isn't going as well. I did the vol/on button start, and got into a foreign screen, nothing like the one on the black Streak. This one has one choice: The system recovery utility. I even tried switching the SD cards with no change in the screen appearance. I can read the card through the ROM Manager app, although using it to install on the black device was unsuccessful. Steve's ROM's are still destined for the Red Streak. Perhaps I should go back to, say 1.6.0? Or further? Anyone have any ideas?

Incidentally, the baseband on the Red Streak is ....31500, and the Black Streak is ....30500. I didn't make a note of the Black Streak's original baseband, so I don't know if it changed through all the flashing. More research....
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