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Default 02-06-2011, 10:52 AM

Sorry guys, but as a modder my eyes lit up when I saw that space and the now-familiar connector pads!
My Mini 9 hosted some cool stuff there in it's day.


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Default 02-06-2011, 11:04 AM

probably a healthier attitude!

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Default 02-28-2011, 06:37 PM

Hmm some of the posts in this thread seem to have dissapeared.

Anyways After a long coonversation with a few people at Dell i am still not much closer to getting a sim card slot from them.
I filled in the online form reporting that something was missing from my device and got a call from a Dell representative a week or so later.
The representative at first tried to fob me off with an excuse saying that WWAN cards are not legal in europe. I then proceeded to tell him that I am an IT Technician and that thats a complete lie as I work on machines with WWAN cards on a daily basis.
I asked to speak to a supervisor who has told me that the WWAN versions of the Duo are not avaliable in the EU region yet and are planned for April/May. He also told me that the current motherboards will not be compatiable and they cannot offer a replacement as it may alter the port allignments.
My first question is does anyone in the UK or EU have a Duo with the sim card slot?
And my second one is if anyone does have it (US included) could you take some pictures of the board and sim card slot and share the model number of the HSDPA card.
I think that Dell are still trying to fob me off here as I have seen the board and there are tracks for a PCI-E slot next the the WIFI/Bluetooth card and I have also seen the underside where the sim card slot should be and there is just a rubber stopper there.
All of the contacts seem in place and the tracks to the PCI-E slot seem ok from the sim card slot. I'm just not too sure the power tracks/usb are running to the PCI-E solder points. Does anyone know exactly where to look for that or can somebody look themselves?
In the end Dell told me that there may be a way to upgrade to the WWAN version of the Duo when it arrives but I would have to pay for it. Which I believe is unnaceptable.
I am considering just hacking this in myself if i don't get anywhere with dell. Everything looks like it is in place. Just after some confirmation from the mydellmini hacking community.
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Default 02-28-2011, 08:30 PM

Mine has the slot in the bottom of the case under a snap-off cover, but no WWAN card. According to a dude I talked to at Dell, the card is not an available option.
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Default 03-30-2011, 09:44 PM

Flustrating doesnt begin to destcribe Dell on this issue.

I bought my Duo specificallyfor the SIM Card Slot. I talked with several different Dell (English as a second Language) support personel about my US DUO not having an actual SIM CARD SLOT soldered to the mother board, they even sent me a video showing how to insert it, I sent one back showing how I inserted it just like thier's showed and my SIM card fell out of sight down into the bowel's of the machine. They finally said to send it in, so I said hey my paint is peeling on the bottom case also, No Problem we will fix that too. Got the shipping Box, packed it up and away it went. They recieved it on friday in Texas and I had it back in my hands in N. Carolina on the following Wednsday.
Opened it up and the bottom of the case had been replaced, slightly off color wise but not bad enough to worry about, popped the battery cover (well were a normal battery would be) off and looked and NO SIM CARD SLOT. Just a empty spot where the SIM card should go and a deep dark hole down to where the hidden microsoft creatures dwell.
Looked the box over hi and low found a form letter with the bottom case marked and a short generic note saying to call if any thing is wrong with your repaired unit. Hey I am only 51, I can waste a few more hours off my life in Dells support-hell phone que. Dialed them up and got a support(hahaha)person on the line and through his broken english and having to put me on hold for a couple of minutes for each and every question I asked I finally got the story that (the web page is being changed, Sorry there is nothing we can do about that, No we can not refund your money NO NOT POSSIBLE, Sorry but you can buy a sim card reader that will fit into the usb port. He just did not understand that a dongle or device sticking out the side was not OK.

Two things I have learned out of this ordeal
1. Dell wont stand behind their product.
2. Dell's support is about as useless as tits on a boar hog.

DELL if you read this. I really like the Inspiron DUO, I just need 1simple thing that you advertise is there to work, the SIM Card reader on my DUO, its not a software issue, (as one Dell Support person tried to tell me)because the socket for the sim card was left off my duo's mother board and I cant seem to talk to anyone that is smart enougth to understand.
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Default 03-31-2011, 08:31 AM

I had already posted this before in this thread but it seems to have been mysteriously deleted along with a few other posts.
This is an incident back in 2006 when Dell advertised a CPU with one of their laptops in China and they shipped another. Although it is different to this situation there are some similarities and we could have a case.
Be sure to read the source links at the end of the article aswell.
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