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Default Mini Guide (with lithe POOL): My experiencies with differents OS in my DELL Mini 9 - 12-14-2011, 12:36 PM


I want to post a mini guide with my experiences with different OS in DELL Mini 9 (Windows XP, Vista, 7, MAC OS X 10.5.8 and 10.6 and Ubuntu 11.10). I hope it will be useful for DELL Mini 9 users!
I also made a POLL asking “What OS do you most often use on your DELL Mini 9”. Pleae answear it: Encuestas! Crear encuestas gratis para tu web o weblog!

Few month ago, I bought an used DELL Mini 9 for 90€. It comes with an 8GB SSD and with Windows XP. The first that I did when I bought it was to install Microsoft Office 2010 and to update Windows XP. When I did it, I realized that I hadn't free space on my netbook. Also, the Windows XP wasn't really fast.

So, I decided to look at Windows 7. I reduced it with vLite and it took me 3,95GB on my SSD. I also decided to put "ProgramData" folder to my SD HD. BAD IDEA! The computer was fast at booting but slow executing programs.

So, I decided to install Windows Vista (SP2!!!) because it took me less space (3,39GB with vLite). In 2007, when the OS comes out, it was horrible. But with the SP2, is identical as Windows 7 but with an older appearance. Moreover, it consumes less processor. The computer was really fast. In less than 1 minute, the computer can run and execute Firefox and MS Office 2010. I also installed OpenOffice (for the University), and Adobe Reader. All goes smoothly.

However, I decided to Install MAC OS X Leopard 10.5.6. It took me 4,25GB reducing the installation (without AditionalSpeechVoices, iMail, AdressBook, DVDPayer, iChat ad OxfordDictionaries) and deleting some files (as we can see in: I updated it to 10.5.8. The computer wasn’t too smoothly. But it was a 90€ MAC! I had difficulties watching 320p videos, the computer was hotter, and when this happens a white noise appeared thought speakers and headphones also. But one day, I don’t know what I did, but the keyboard crashed in the OS and I couldn’t login to my mac.
So, I decided to reinstall MAC OS X, but with Snow Leopard using the same method than with Leopard (reducing installation [the same things]). The installation, without removing files, took me 3,55GB. Less than with leopard! Now, I can reproduce 320p videos with QuickTime and 740p videos with VLC. All goes smoothly. Not as fast as Windows Vista (SP2) or Windows 7, but there is not a big difference. Compared with Leopard (a big sh*t), Snow Leopard is fantastic. There is a big performance difference.

Now with Snow leopard, I’ve installed MS Office 2011, Firefox, OpenOffice, Adobe Reader 9 (lighter than 10) and some little programs and I have 1GB of free space.

I’ve also tried Ubuntu 11.10 with an external USB. It goes smoothly, but I don’t like Linux and I don’t like to use MS Office with CrossOver. And when I use it I can see that it does not have the same economic investment than Windows or MAC. It’s very smoothly (probably more than MAC), but it’s nor “WOW!!!”. I hope you understand what I mean.

So, if I had to decide the better OS for the Mini 9 I will chose Windows 7 (or Vista SP2 [if you need 560MB more of free space]) or MAC OS X Snow Leopard. Normally, I’m a Windows user. I prefer Windows because is easiest to use, you have more programs, you can play all the games and it’s pretty beautiful (in my opinion). Moreover, I think that MacBoorks are very expensive compared as a PC. I personally have a DELL XPS 15 with a fantastic 1080p screen that cost me 1018€. A lower MAC costs more than 2000€.
However, the MAC OS is beautiful
. Personally I prefer Windows bar than Dock. But Spaces and Expose are very useful.

So, normally I prefer Windows, but MAC is also good. I use my DELL Mini to navigate on the net and to use MS Word, MS PowerPoint and OO Calc (for the university). So, I like to try something different like MAC OS X.
So, as I’m a Windows user, I prefer to use MAC OS X Snow Leopard on my netbook. Just because it’s different and I like to try new things.

I hope you enjoyed it and that will be useful. REMEMBER to answer the POLL!

DELL Mini 9 | Original 8GB SSD | 1GB RAM | Bluetooth | 16GB SD HD | MAC OS X 10.6 | BIOS A07

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