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Default Re: SSD/WLAN Mini PCI-e Slot Differences - 10-16-2008, 06:35 PM

you only need a few more mm of clearance, but it'd be a lot of work to swap the connectors before you could even begin to try testing. it doesn't really make sense to me either, being that these are netbooks, why someone would remove the built in networking. plus, building the bigger bottom case mod would be a ridiculous amount of work... why not just get another laptop that better suits your needs, i wonder.
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Default Re: SSD/WLAN Mini PCI-e Slot Differences - 10-17-2008, 01:54 AM

On a side note, do you think they stuck enough labels and stickers everywhere inside this thing?
I removed the label from under the SSD and another bar code sticker that was peeling of it's own accord.

You think these things might run a little cooler without so much insulation?

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Default Re: SSD/WLAN Mini PCI-e Slot Differences - 10-17-2008, 03:43 AM

I think this will get hacked... just one more ssd slot would help so much... lol and a 6 cell battery...
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Default 09-29-2013, 11:17 AM

hi there in this forum,
after reading the posts, can someone clearly say what is about the pcie slots in the dell mini 9:

mini pcie slot for ssd - pata ssd in pcie form but surely NO mini pcie slot (this is widely known i guess)
mini pcie slot for wifi - is this a real mini pcie slot or are there only the usb pins connected?
mini pcie slot for wwan - some people say there are only the usb pins connected - is this true?

the size issues are not relevant primarily.

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Default 09-29-2013, 06:14 PM

SSD - this is physically a MiniPCIe connector but the wiring is all custom for Dell and isn't compatible with anything except SSDs made for the Mini 9
WiFi - this has both the USB and PCIe pins connected. Probably the SATA pins are not connected
WWAN - this has only the USB pins connected (also, the connector is likely to not be installed unless the Mini was ordered with the WWAN option.)

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Default 10-11-2013, 11:24 AM

-- just an information --

after i got a sr16c6mme true minipcie ssd into my hands i did some tests:
-i put it into the wifi slot of my dell mini 910
- sr16c6mme shows up in bios as possible harddisk
- booting up (hackintosh) from built in stec - macosx 10.6.8 does not show anything anywhere, systeminfo as well
- change boot order to sr16c6mme in bios
- starting a windows 7 32 home premium install via usb stick - shows only stec but no sr16c6mme but let me locate drivers.
- after locating marvell drivers, nvumis.inf from the supertalent web page (CoreStore MV/MP Drivers) (4.1 MB) 04-05-2011
i see 14gb unused space in installer, create new partition, install w7

boot w7, finishing installation.
rebooting everyting looks fine.

asssd17 shows the drive as scsi device:

seq write 31,62 MB/s
seq read 150,08 MB/s
4k write 3,66 MB/s
4k read 18,53 MB/s
4k-64 thrd write 16,01 MB/s
4k-64 thrd read 286,19 MB/s
seek write 1,170 ms
ssek read 0,199 ms
score write 23
score read 320
total 506

pressing power button
after 15 sec w7 logo
after 55 sec windows 7 sound

booting from hackintosh stec shows stec and 2 partitions of sr16c6mme in chameleon
no boot into any of the 2 possible
cannot accesss sr16c6mme via macfuse 2.0
disktool does not show sr16c6mme
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