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Default Update Dell mini 1012 beyond 10.6.1. - 05-30-2011, 09:33 AM

Hi all,

I have a Dell Mini 1012 with bios A7 running at OSX 10.6.1.
All functions with the exception of Audio.

When I did the NBI installer way I got KP every single time it started.
In the end I have the system running and was able to update to 10.6.1.
I have NBI 0.8.4. after the system was running. After the update I run NMI 0.8.4. again before restarting. When I update to 10.6.2. or 10.6.3. I get a KP.
I have doen the same with NBI 0.8.5. and update to 10.6.2. or 10.6.3 KP gain.
10.6.1. seems to be stable but I like the system to go when possible to 10.6.7.

The KP I get revers to the CPU after DOSMOS.


With the NMI 0.8.4 or 0.8.5 do I need to go to a higher update version like 10.6.6 at once?

I have been roaming this site and other sites it seems to be possible but my efforts seem not to work.

Who can set me on the right track
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rjones5 rjones5 is offline
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Default 06-30-2011, 01:23 AM

I have the 1012 also how were you able to get the wifi working? I'm currently on SL 10.6.5 everything works great except the airport utility isn't available.

There is a guide I used that worked like a charm but not able to get wifi working. Display is 1250x600
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Default dell 1120 osx - 08-10-2011, 07:04 AM

Hi I am looking at buying the dell 1120 but how do i get mac on to it thanks shaye
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Default 08-11-2011, 07:38 AM

These are the steps you should follow:
Download the update (any but 10.6.8)
Run nbi special 20...
Install the update
Run the nbi special again
Don't reboot yet!
Download an atom patched kernel for the update you chose below
Open up the terminal write "cd /volumes/Your-hdd-name"
Write "mv mach_kernel old" without the ""
Rename the kernel you downloaded to mach_kernel then copy it to your hdd root.

Kernel 10.6.2 to 10.6.6 : Patched mach_kernel 10.6.0 for Atom-based netbooks - InsanelyMac Forum

Kernel 10.6.7: mach_kernel_atom_10.7.0(xnu-1504.9.37~1).zip

If you want to update to 10.6.8 (not advised) you can follow the link here:

The reason you need a patched kernel is that apple rolled back the atom support from 10.6.1..

- Dell Inspiron duo: - Backtrack
- Win 7
-Win 8
- Ubuntu 11.10
-Toshiba 205: - Mac OSX 10.6.7
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