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Install XP using USB-stick
Published by ehmdjii
Default Install XP using USB-stick

hello, since i dont have an external CD drive and i really need to reinstall win xp in order to get rid of all the preinstalled junk and to get a clean system, i tried reinstalling xp with a usb stick.

so copied everything from the windows-cd to my pc and used a software called "usb multiboot 10" to copy it to a bootable usb-stick.
then i rebooted the dell mini with the usb-tick plugged in and got into the xp-setup. after the setup, which lastet for about an hour, i had to reboot again, and now it's stuck right after booting it with an error complaining about a "misconfigured harddrive" and it wont boot. what could be the problem here and how can i fix it?

has anyone else successfully gotten xp to install using an usb stick? if so, what software did you use to make the usb bootable?

thanks a lot!
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