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How to: Re-image your Mini9 from Dells image for your system
Published by worthing.jason
Default How to: Re-image your Mini9 from Dells image for your system

These directions will walk you through getting a copy of the dell image for your system, making a bootable flash drive, moving the image to a bootable flash drive, and making it where it will reimage your computer automatically, in similar manner to how the Dell Ubuntu image on the Dell FTP site works. For this procedure, you will need the following

Another computer, with a CD drive, from which to work
Your Dell System Restoration Disks (SRCDs)(Details will be given on how to get this)
1 - 2+ GB USB Flash Drive
around 30-60 minutes

The first thing you need is your SRCDs. To get this, call/chat in to Dell support and request them (experience says you get better results chatting here, as it is harder for them to imply they misunderstood you). They are available for the first year after purchase of your system, and cost you nothing. They contain the Dell Image for your system on bootable CDs. When doing this, when they say they are sending them to you, confirm the part number. If the part number is not 59221, then they are sending you the wrong part. Go to a supervisor if you must, but get 59221 sent to you.

The flash drive you need has to be at least 1.5 GB. I used a 4 GB as that is all I had, but as long as it hits that minimum, it will work.

First, download the Dell - Diagnostics Utility from
Here is the URL:
Having done that, run it. It will give you options of installing to CD, USB drive, etc. Have it install to your 2+ GB flash drive. This will make it bootable, and get some basic dos files onto it.

Next you will need to copy files from your CDs. You will need the ghost.exe file, and any gst or ghs files from all of the CDs. After doing this, there are a few changes you will have to make on your flash drive.

First open the autoexec.bat file. Here are the changes to make:
prompt=Diag $p$g  $h
Then locate the line that says:
Replace everything under it with:
echo Continuing from here will IRREVOCABLY ERASE all data on your drive, and re-install Windows on it, as it shipped from Dell.
echo If that is what you want to do, press enter.  If you do not want to erase EVERYTHING and reinstall windows, hit the power button NOW!.
ghost.exe -clone,mode=load,src=c:\stm.gst,dst=2 -fx -sure -auto -ws- -wd- -disabledrive=B -afile=c:\ghost.err
reboot 1
And that is it! To use the USB key, start with the computer off, and the drive connected to your computer. Turn it on, and tap the 0 key until you get the boot menu, and tell it to boot off of the USB drive

If you press enter, then it will wipe the drive and reinstall. Now I must mention that after imaging, the computer will take 30-60 minutes where it will lock out the keyboard and mouse, and reinstall the programs as they came on your computer. This is normal. Once the warning box for that is gone, it will progress to the windows setup screens that you originally had when you opened the box, where you set up the security and user name, etc on the computer.

I hope this is of some help to those of you who, through no fault of your own, end up having to reinstall windows on your mini, do not want to send it to Depot,and do not have a CD/DVD drive for it, but have another computer you can borrow to get it done. Also I should mention that all steps listed here other than copying the files from the CD to the flash drive can be done on the mini, so you could do everything else, and copy the files when you can on someone elses computer.

If anyone has any further suggestions on this, please feel free to mention them, I will update this tutorial as needed.


If anyone is having trouble getting Dell to send them the SRCDs, see page 3 of this thread for a session ID and chat session where they were requested, that should help.
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