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Lightbulb 'Hybrid' booter installs SL on BIOS A06 - 12-13-2009, 06:45 AM

When I got my 10v the other day, I thought I would explore the problem of NetBookInstaller incompatibility with BIOS A06 a little before downgrading. I had quite a bit of success. Here's what I did, including a few missteps, which may or may not be relevant.

First, I prepped a Snow Leopard image with the usual NBM files on USB on a different machine (in my case, a Dell XPS1530, which runs Mac OSX 10.5.x or Snow Leopard beautifully), in the usual way described in mechdrew's excellent guides (thanks!).

Then, I installed Snow Leopard on an external USB hard drive connected to my Dell XPS using fairly minimal/generic drivers -- just enough to get a USB-bootable "vanilla XPS" system that boots with the Chameleon 2 bootloader. I then shut down and disconnected the now-working "vanilla" Snow Leopard boot environment.

Then, I booted up the Mini 10v with the NetBook boot USB stick, and, after booting into the pre-boot environment, attached the USB hard drive and pressed F5 to get it to appear in the Chameleon list. When the drive appeared, I booted into the Snow Leopard environment -- but this time, because I was using the NBM boot files, the vanilla Snow Leopard booted on the Mini 10v! Now, I didn't get all the way through the boot, but I was encouraged to keep trying.

I next tried updating the Snow Leopard environment with the files from NBM RC4 boot image, loading that after booting from the NBM USB stick boot, then swapping it out and continuing with the external hard drive installation in the boot sequence, and managed to get all the way through a Snow Leopard installation! It crashed during the following boot, but I felt I was getting very close!

Eventually, after restarting with -v -f -x and anything else I thought might help (my documentation got a little hazy at this point -- bedtime had long since passed!), I got to a point where I was running a not-quite-stable Snow Leopard with everything but sound -- and my next few attempts to get the sound working were unsuccessful, so I abandoned the test (really, just downgrading the BIOS is a much easier and more practical solution!) but I'm curious: has anyone else ever tried anything like this, and if not, does my partial success suggest that this could somehow be turned into a new "hackintosh-specific preboot config" method that doesn't require downgrading the 10v's BIOS?

If nothing else, it proved to me the viability of installing and running Snow Leopard on an external hard drive, of which I've also seen relatively little discussion here.

(Typing this from Snow Leopard 10.6.1!)
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