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Smile Problem with connecting my Dell Mini 9 to an external LCD - 05-28-2014, 07:11 PM

After having my Dell Mini 9 for 6 years or so (and indeed in the mean time when I had trouble with my desktop I haven't thought of that), and since I am currently having problems with my desktop again (see Is it safe to delete these two folders on my netbook? - Ars Technica OpenForum I thought about the shape of my 17'' LCD monitor's (it's an old Philips 17'' LCD, nothing special about it...) connector and realized that it actually fits into Dell+s VGA port (I guess that's it on the picture below, right?)

Anyway, and so I did it and it did fit into it (just screws are unnecessary) but nothing happened (i.e. the LCD was still showing "NO VIDEO INPUT").

But when I rebooted for the 1st time (with external monitor connected) I actually got the picture on the LCD, first of the logon screen, then of the desktop. But here is the problem: soon after that (let's say half a minute or a bit less) the LCD went into "Standy By" mode and that's pretty much the end of it (it stays at "Standy By" for some time, then it shuts down... if I turn it on again manually I get "NO VIDEO INPUT" again).

What am I doing wrong? Are there any drivers/services or devices (in Device Manager) that are relevant, e.g. need to run and/or be enabled? Something else (totally basic/obvious to others but not know to me) maybe?

If not, does anyone have a clue why that's happening? What should I do for the external monitor to work?

Thanks, satyr

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Well well, who would think... In the end I've found the solution in "Display" applet. I needed to run some "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for mobile" applet and there in the "Display Devices" tab choose the monitor to use.

Also in this same applet I can change resolution and other things... Cool.

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