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Default Has Apple's iPad finally killed the Netbook? - 05-16-2011, 12:38 AM

From CNET:

It's hard to believe that before 2007, a low-cost laptop was one that came in under $1,000. But that was before the Netbook revolution kicked off, inspired by the Intel Classmate and the One Laptop Per Child XO, and spearheaded initially by Asus and its original Eee PC (which had a 7-inch display and ran Linux). From that point on, every PC maker was forced (some more reluctantly than others) to embrace this new subgenre, and Netbooks were everywhere.

Until, like all fads, the Netbook burned out. Part of the reason was clearly Apple's iPad, which became the new go-to entry-level computing device for people who either didn't need or want a full PC, or just wanted a reasonably priced travel device for e-mail and Web surfing. The iPad itself has kicked off a gold rush of sorts, with the same companies that pushed countless me-too Netbooks onto store shelves now doing the same with touch-screen slates (perhaps we'll look back on this a year or two from now as the Tablet Bubble).
Has Apple's iPad finally killed the Netbook?

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Default 05-16-2011, 12:41 AM

I will admit that my acquisition of an iPad 2 has relegated my Mini 9 to a "tertiary" system. For the things I used the Mini 9 for, the iPad does most of them better and faster. I still think the netbook has a place, but it seems clear the market is smaller than it was even a year ago.

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Default 05-16-2011, 01:24 AM

I'm waiting on mine. But for my particular use case I've finally realized the iPad is the way to go. I seldom use the mini at all, and it's really been a hobby for me.

With apps like instapaper, kindle, Netflix, and the many casual games available for the iPad, I can see getting a lot more use out of it. I'm also looking forward to playing around with GarageBand a bit.

Somehow, though I don't think netbooks would have thrived very well even without the arrival of the iPad.

Still, I think both form factors will continue to have their own niche, and look forward to the advancement of these technologies-- particularly in the tablet market where, as good as the iPad is, I think there is room for much more.


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Default 05-17-2011, 02:17 PM

Well that stinks. I took too long on my post & the forum logged me out. It's gone now.

I think the real impact of the tablets & netbooks is on desktops. In 2-3 years I probably will not be rebuilding a desktop but replacing it with a tablet. It depends on what tablets can do by then.

My Mini 9 remains a 'workhorse', on all day for email, weather, spot silver quotes,TV listing, news, & web surfing.

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Default 05-17-2011, 04:48 PM

i just sold my ipad and am looking at a netbook ..

there is one big factor, are you going to do any serious amount of productivity work ? especially writing ? if so, the netbook will be the better choice

also, by the the time you add the case and accesseries, you are into $600 plus dollars whereas the new chromebooks will be $349

i find the ipad a pain to prop up if you want to use it for tv or listening to internet radio, a netbook has a built in stand (the keyboard) so you can just set it down

finally a netbook is a real computer and can do things that an ipad just can't, flash being the obvious thing but of course android does flash

i think there will be a lot of choices out there for all kinds of needs
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Default 05-17-2011, 06:17 PM

The Chromebook depends on a web connection - it can do very little without one. As for Flash, the netbooks don't do well with it to begin with. I've found few sites where lack of Flash was an issue, and there are at least two alternate browsers (Skyfire and iSwifter) that can handle Flash.

I certainly agree that a netbook can do far more than a tablet, so each person has to decide which device works best for them. I looked at what I did with my netbook and found that a tablet did what I needed. Your needs may be different.

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Default 05-18-2011, 09:33 AM

No it hasn't killed the netbook at all, there is absolutely no competition between an iPad and a netbook.

A netbook has a bigger hard drive, the ability to read/write CD's (with an external drive) and is a lot easier to handle, oh and a hell of a lot cheaper
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Default 05-20-2011, 12:05 AM

I have to agree that the iPad and most tablets in general have not yet killed the netbook even if they are it seems trying to go that way. In a cost vs. productivity comparison in both educational and work environments even a midocre netbook outstrips an iPad for the ability to work.

If we are looking at it for web browsing and viewing media, the iPad does well - but it is no better than a smart phone for working a spreadsheet or writing a report


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Default 05-20-2011, 11:45 PM

I have two friends that have Ipads and while I play around with them a good bit I still have no desire to own one and the lack of a REAL keyboard; hard drive and USB ports means I will probably never own one.

The net book suits me alot more and the fact that you can play around with different OS's (using USB drives and SD drives) is the nail in the coffin for the Ipad in my little world. I have nothing against Apple; but there restrictions are a big turn off for me. Just my humble opinion. If you like them and prefer them to a netbook then that is fine also. fdalbor

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Default 05-22-2011, 04:32 AM

Honestly, for me, it all depends on the use case. There are times that i reach for my Mini 9, and others that i reach for my iPad.

For the most part, these days i'm mostly using the iPad. At this point, I'd say that the iPad is getting way more use, mainly because of the crazy hours i'm working. Generally, the little bit of time that i get to spe d browsing for pleasure is spent on the couch. The iPad destroys a netbook for cloud surfing.

I do, however, still reach for the Mini 9 if I'm leaving the house. Anytime I'm going to do any heaving writing, the keyboard is a must. I also find that if i'm going to be sitting at a table, i'd rather use the mini 9.

I guess my ideal device would probably be the Asus Transformer. The only thing holding me back on a purchase is the lack of netflix support on Tegra 2 devices. I travel too much to be stuck without it.

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