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Default 12-09-2010, 10:59 PM

Hi, I want to add my solution to this problem. Its a dell Lat. E6410. I tried all the letters of the alphabet, non of them worked. I was about to try the Ubuntu fix but when I restarted the laptop I forgot to hit f12 for the boot menu so windows set up started and instead of the asms error, windows said to put the Windows XP set up disc in drive D because the Unbuntu CD was still in there. As soon as I took the Unbuntu CD out and put the windows CD back in, set up continued with out a problem. I even tried the whole process over again, deleting the partition, reinstalling windows, same exact thing. Asms error showed up, I put in a non windows XP CD, restarted, windows said to put the set up CD back in, once I did that setup resumed. Easier than changing the drive letter? I don't know, but it might work for someone else. Thanks.
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Default 06-07-2011, 04:04 PM

Originally Posted by markb View Post
I had this problem when I had another USB device connected as well as the DVD reader. I disconnected the other device, rebooted and the install continued without the prompt.
Very helpful was going through it trying the d:\i386 change then saw your post and removed my external hard drive and it worked lol
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Default 11-03-2011, 08:09 AM

Thank you
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Lightbulb the file asms on windows xp sp3 in needed - 12-14-2011, 08:18 PM

well i'm working on a dell inspiron 910 right now actually, i was noticing the same error as other posts said about asms and other files after that that are missing, let me tell you that whenever the file is not found and its asking you to input the directory, hte d:\i386 worked for me during the whole installation.

sometimes during the installation is would not pick it up, i would press ok continously and it did nothing. the only way i got it to work is to take out and put the cd back in again, so it can re-recognize it again.

since i have an external cd rom via usb, i would also sometimes disconnect it and reconnect back in so it can refresh the connection.

and other threads that are posted that to check the cd's for scratches are actually true. i replaced it with another oem xp sp3 disc and worked like a charm, i thought it would be the cd that was scratched (although it was still working), but the new one was even faster recognizing the missing files.

it might take you awhile to input all the missing files that it asks you for, but again, like the other posts i saw, just copy and paste d:\i386 to the directory every time during the whole installation and it should work without a problem. and if it doesn't work and it stays looking for the same file. then try the disc replacement, the open and close cd tray, and finally reconnect the usb, even try other usb ports.

hope this helped as it did for me. i'm already on the finalizing part so you
shouldnt have a problem.

happy holidays everyone
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Default asms sp3 usb xp install - 02-18-2012, 03:01 AM

Please Help ! I am trying to install xp on a dell mini 1210 from a usb. Copied xp with service pack 3 to usb using wintoflash. Then inserted usb into dell. Got dell to transfer all the files from my usb .Then started windows from my usb using disk 1 partition 3 option. When setup resumes i am asked to insert floppy disc xp sp3 into drive E. Hit ok. Then file 'asms on Windows xp home edition sp3 cd is needed. type in the path E:\$WIN_NT$~LS\I386 is already loaded by default but nothing happens . I try A,B,C,D,F,G,H: -Z still nothing. What am i doing or what have I done wrong? or is there another solution . I feel as if im close but not quite there yet. I have no cd drive as it is a netbook. I see a registry fix when i google search .will that work for usb?. Also tryed copy and paste e:\i386 no good .
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