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720p-1080p HD Video playback on any netbook even you 10v
Published by Emviper1
Arrow 720p-1080p HD Video playback on any netbook even you 10v

Ever wanted to play 720p video on your low end Atom based netbook? But you don't have ION based netbook? Tired of skipping and slow Full HD video playback? I just found out a near perfect solution for any netbook, even for those with just 1,6GHz Intel Atom processor and Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family.

Required stuff:
- regular Atom based netbook (in my case Dell 10v)
- Media Player Classic Home Cinema (free)
- CoreAVC codec (unfortunately not free)
(mod edit: bootleg link removed, do not re-add it)

How to setup Media Player Classic - Home Cinema...
Install Media Player Classic. Click "View" and "Options...". Select "Internal filters" and uncheck (remove checkmarks) in front of:
H264/AVC (FFmpeg)

Now go to Playback->Output where i suggest to leave the settings set to "System Default".
This is what i used and it worked really well.

Click Ok to save changes.

How to setup CoreAVC...
Install CoreAVC and open it's configuration menu. Set the settings like this:
- leave everything set to "Auto detect"
- set Deblocking to "Skip always"
- set Deinterlacing to "Hardware"

Click Ok to save settings.

However there might be certain scenes that are just too complex for Atom processor to handle smoothly.
At that point audio might go slightly out of sync, but as soon as that scene is over, the audio will sync again. This happened only with some movies such as "2012" but i have watched many 720p movies that have been flawless.

I was really surprised how efficient CoreAVC is. I mean, the capability of playing Full HD video on Intel Atom N270 is just amazing. So thank CoreAVC team for giving us option to enjoy Full HD video on our weak netbooks. Enjoy!
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