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Default Problem with dual boot after installation of Win7 - 12-11-2009, 02:03 AM

Hi everybody,

I really need your help right now. I've searched whole mydellmini forum for similar problems, but as I saw - every little difference make a big difference. So I'm gonna start with describing my problem..

I always wanted to have 2 systems on my 10v. Using one of the guides I divided my disc into small EFI, big Mac OS X and one smaller Win7 partition (mac is my main os). Then using usb stick with netbook installer rc4 I've installed SL, upragded it. It was working like a charm.
Yersterday I decided to install Win7 Pro. I simply prepared USB stick with Win7, booted it and installed Win7 on the smaller partition (what is interesting - diskpart show 4 partition - 1 very small, some KB, 2 200 MB EFI, 3 Mac OS X, 4 Win7) prepared earlier for Windows. It installed and is working like a charm as well.

When I restart my computer it automatically boot into Win7.
So I used installation USB stick, shift+fn+f10, selected disk and selected EFI partition, active. Reboot and....


I've chosen this first partition, very little one - the same result.

I've chosen Mac OS X partition with SL - system stops a weird prompt on black screen. No Chameleon, no gray screen.

So right now I have access to my SL via MacDrive on Windows but can't boot into it. What I would like to have is autoboot into SL or 'space' during Chameleon loading and opportunity to choose Win7.
And right know I have absolutely no idea what to do. One of the guides suggests this 'activation' of EFI partition, but in my case - Missing Operation System.

So, I really need your help as I need my SL working.. What shall I do? Please, help me.
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Default 12-12-2009, 11:02 PM

I'm having a similar issue, except I'm unable to even choose which partition to boot from. I had Chameleon going until I installed Win7, and now Chameleon is nowhere to be found and Win7 just starts automatically.

Is there a shortcut that lets me choose which partition to boot?
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Default 12-13-2009, 12:05 AM


i think that maybe I made a mistake that I didn't activated win partition before installation, i just inserted win 7 dvd and installed into win 7 partition.

few moments ago I tried to install EasyBCD.. It didn't help with Mac OS X booting, I deleted all entries, deleted application and now I can't boot anything

Also I booted my mini with mac usb, chameleon loads but mac won't start..
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Default 12-13-2009, 10:11 AM

According to the instructions, you should set the Mac partition as active from within the Windows install, not from an external disc. Have you tried booting into the Windows on the mini 9, running cmd as Administrator, then setting the Mac partition active? That should work.

If it doesn't, I would then use NetbookCD to boot into your mac install (safe boot), then re-run NetbookInstaller. I had a problem similar to yours, and that solved it.

Good luck!
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Default 12-13-2009, 06:50 PM

Ok, so that's how I solved the problem:

I created once again flash drive with mac os x installation and re-runed NBI, ver. RC3 (i only could find rc3 as img file, rc4 only as app). And that caused mach_kernel problem, which I solved thanks to this forum. When I finally booted Mac OS X I run NBI RC4 and Mac is now perfectly working.

In next few hours I'm gonna do some last steps of very many guides - repair win 7 (it's not booting right now, even from chameleon) and do some fdisk stuff in terminal.
wish me luck.
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