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Default Thinix; the good, the bad, the ugly - 04-22-2011, 07:13 PM

Well after running this for about a week here is my take on it.

The good; Thinix offers a nice interface, it is certainly finger friendly, no one can argue that. The keyboard is topnotch as are the additional function keys available on the keyboard. The bigger frames on certain programs that use them were easier to work with, though for me this was only a small benefit. Another good side is the obvious interest that the folks at thinix have to improve and help out as Anthony has shown in the threads here.

The bad; Alot of what i didn't like may have to do with the duo being a little underpowered to put an extra shell on it. The scrolling in several programs including Chrome became klunky. I never liked the way the flip switched between windows shell and Thinix shell (lots of flashing as things got rendered as well as also being laggy). The screen rotation was also less speedy.
The Thinix shell seems overly complicated with several tabs and limited buttons available on each tab. System would hang occasionally for 5 to 10 seconds. A few times the system never recovered from the hang and a hard reset was necassary. It had never done this prior to the Thinix install.
An overall performance decrease is evident.

The ugly; Uninstall is woefully inadequate. Running the uninstall the first time caused the laptop to freeze necessitating a hard reset. The second uninstall went through but most modifications that the program had made to the window shell remained (including the thick borders which take up alot of real-state on a screen the size of he duo's. Thinix rotation blackout .exe was not removed (have to do this manually). I cannot get the windows keyboard to pop anymore or to dock to the bottom of the screen because when i go to tools in the windows keyboard and make these modifications the system does not save the modifications. Lastly the system still occasionally hangs and the scrolling has remained laggy. Running the system restore point that I had made prior to install has not rectified anything. I have to think that nothing short of a full windows re-install will get my duo back (and stop the wife's "couldn't leave well enough alone could you" quips). Unfortunately as you duo owners know, the thing don't come with a windows disk.

I think overall a lot of folks may find what they need from this program in terms of augmenting the tablet side of the duo and again I use the duo mostly as a laptop and less so as a tablet (mostlyto watch the occasional video and do some web browsing) which may be why I was not overly charmed by Thinix. But guys, the uninstall needs to bring the system to what it was otherwise it is just insanely difficult to justify telling someone to give this a try to see if they like it.
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