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Default User News Forum Read Me UPDATED 08/06/09 - 10-30-2008, 11:21 PM

Ok so the basics of this forum go like this:
  • 1) You see some delicious news,
  • 2) You come here, see that it has not been discussed (can you see it in search?)
  • 3) You post a new topic in this forum summarising the news. (Do not simply copy + paste it)
  • 4) The moderator team will read it (probably within a few hours max), and either
  • a) Approve of it and move it to the front page news, with minor editing.
  • b) Dissaprove, post a reply with reasons why and move the topic to general discussion with a shadow linking through.

Mods - There will be a sticky in mod discussion on news editing guidelines.

Here's a few things to consider when making a news post:

Quote your source
Always quote your source of news, we don't mind if its from engadget or another blog, and I'm sure they won't mind aslong as we link back to them. you will notice most of our news will have a [via Engadget] as the last line, this can be achived with the following line of BBcode:
[via Engadget]
We love our homepage to have lots of images, it draw attention and everyone likes to have a visual aid with a blog post!
Typically we like to keep the images small, a thumbnail at 150px wide in the top left corner, or a wider image if relevant or a main body of the post eg. a commercial banner.

Don't worry about positioning images, just either attach images or link them using the [img] BBcode and we'll decide on the best place to use them and do the necessary layout stuff

Related youtube videos as you can guess are always a great news post. Just paste your youtube video URL to include videos like so:
Make sure your youtube URL is as clean as the above one without any extra tags, look out for the &ref=abcd and others and get rid of them!

Relevant Links
No blog spam, provide links to relevant article posts, not blog home pages, so as to always make sure the via link always points to the article.

Keep it related!
Make sure its related to the Dell Mini product line, hardware, software, operating systems or just related to Dell in general.

If you stick to these guidelines theres no reason we won't publish your news everytime, and maybe assign moderator status to regulars!

Please do not send me support requests via PM.
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