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Default What did I do?? Beer bounty for success! - 07-30-2012, 02:53 PM

I have a 10v running os x 10.6.7 only. No big whoop.

Installed PDANet and staretd getting "Still waiting for root device" error. Could boot into ignore chaches mode no problem.

I try repairing permissions.... no go.

Then I think "Oh, running NBI should help." and so I run 5pre, which I think got me to 10.6.7 right?

It hangs at "Generating cache" something. Hangs for a looooong time.

So I figure it's not going to work. I restart and then disaster.

I get though bios OK, then into chameleon if I press space. If I -v boot I get lots of fast-moving code about things in the library directory running... and then nothing. Black as night. Like I accidentalyl sent OS X into the black hole from Event Horizon and it's now tearing out its eyes and speaking in Latin.

And regular boot gets me to a grey screen. press the power button and it turns off.

So.... thoughts? And seriously, I'll paypal you a beer (in the form of $5) for the person that can get me back in business, even if you just point me to the right thread on here already. I can follow step-by-step instructions like a monkey at least.

I have access to another mac, and a couple USB drives, too. No os x install disks though - I'm doing work in Africa until next month.

Thanks in advance!
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10.6.7, 10v, 10v boot issues, panic, startup

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