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Default Replacement AC Adapter/Charger for Mini 1011 (10V) - 05-16-2011, 03:17 AM

I misplaced one of the AC chargers for my two Dell 1011 so I thought it might be a good idea to get a replacement rather than trying to juggle one charger between the two computers.

Well.......I was a little bit floored to see prices of $54 and $64 and even $79.- plus shipping when I looked for a charger a while back.
Seems to be totally out of proportion compared to the $200.- I paid for each Mini.

Anyway - taday a friend of mine showed up with her proud new Acer laptop that she just bought a day ago. After we unpacked it, started Windows 7 and plugged the Acer supplied charger in, I thought to myself - hmmm, the DC connector looks pretty much the same as the one for the Dell, let me check the voltage and sure enough, it was also 19 volts. Ther wattage rating of this charger was 65 Watts vs the Dell Mini requirement of 30 Watts, so that was fine too.

After the Acer was all up and running, I tried that charger on the Dell where the battery was almost exhausted. The plug fit perfectly even though the Canadian Website I had looked at for the Dell called for a 1.7mm ID/5.5mm OD (the charger for the Acer has a 2.5mm ID/5.5mm OD plug) and the Dell happily charged the battery.

I then went looking for a price for the "Acer" charger figuring they must be made by the millions so the price should be pretty low.
And sure enough - there are some on US eBay with a buy it now at less than $10.- including shipping to Canada.
On the $79.- charger, the $10.- wouldn't even cover the sales tax.

Has anyone bought a replacement charger for the Dell?
Any recommendations?
I'm sort of ready to risk the ten big bucks.

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Default 05-19-2011, 10:43 PM

I have so far bought several AC adapters / chargers from ebay dealers (in China, inevitably). Each time I search for the item using a search string including the word "Dell" and either "10v" or "1011". Never fails. The last one was only £4.14 (about $6.50 or thereabouts).
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Default 05-20-2011, 08:20 PM

Can anyone comment on the correct size DC plug for the Mini?

All the ebay sites I have seen so far specify 5.5mm OD and 1.7mm ID

But the Acer charger that fir perfectly had a 5.5mm OD and 2.5mm ID plug - I find it hard to believe that both a 1.7mmID and 2.5mm ID plug would fit properly.

What seems to be hard to find (and is more expensive) is a charger that has the same configuration as the original one - the AC converter is part of the plug/housing that plugs into the wall and there is just one cord - the DC cord, not an AC cord, a power brick and a DC cord.

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Default 05-21-2011, 05:09 AM

The mini 9, 10, and 12 series all use the same size plug if that helps.

I don't have first hand knowledge about the Acer, but I have seen some models listed as working with the mini power supply.

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Default 05-26-2011, 05:29 PM

I too have bought a couple on ebay and they're less than $10 normally. There are some that have the "brick" attached to the plug like the OEM one and there are some where the brick is at the end of a wire more like a traditional laptop charger. Make sure you get the one that works for your needs

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Default 06-02-2011, 12:14 AM


my Brother bought one of those multi laptop chargers at a local pc store for £15 and sure enough they had an adaptor that fitted my mini and charged it with no problems.. I'd go down that route if I ever need a new a/c charger.

been scorched by 'genuine part' price premiums in the past.. apple are gaaaaaah for it..

wait for this, needed an rca adaptor to play my bass in GB, bought one from the apple website for £25 lost it but got one that worked just as well from ebay for £1.25p

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