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Default 11-04-2010, 10:52 AM

Originally Posted by grungysquash View Post
[...]basically telling the market that the SSD is not upgradeable, the market accepting this is really amazing. Mind you I hope they have great wear leveling cos if the SSD dies so does the mobo.
The internal SSD is not meant to be user-servicable, but this doesn't mean, that these flash-chips are directly soldered on the motherboard.
In fact there is a socket (looks a bit like mini-PCI-E), that takes an extra board with the SSD-Chips. There was already an announcement for a third party upgrade-kit:
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On the other hand, the RAM on the new Airs is soldered on directly, so you can't upgrade this afterwards.

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Default 11-07-2010, 06:42 PM

Originally Posted by wst View Post
Congratulations on your purchase :-)

I was a first iteration Macbook Air owner once . What frustrated me a lot was the sound of the fan, it used to go on hyperdrive for the simplest thing. If I was on the web with a page that had flash, it just goes crazy.

Hopefully the new ones with the 320M graphics card don't do that.

Can you please report on your experience in this regard. Thanks.
Sorry for the delayed response. The 320M graphics are excellent and capable of some light gaming, leaps and bounds better than the intel IGP in my older macbook and the dell 10v. It runs 100% silent, the fan only kicks in very occasionally and even then you can only hear it if you put your ear right up against the screen.

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Default 11-07-2010, 06:58 PM

In response to people wondering why they used the older core2 duo instead of the updated i3 or i5. Apple had the choice of using the core2 duo with the high end nvidia graphics or going with the i3 or i5 with intel graphics. The core2 duo with the 320m gpu outperforms the i3 or i5 with intel graphics.

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