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Default 04-15-2012, 11:51 PM

Originally Posted by Leeward View Post
I was inclined to agree with you. But the new Java for 10.6 update 7 security patch won't install on 10.6.7.
It's highly possible that security patch would work if you edit the .pkg so that it's validation check works against 10.6.7... and assuming that nothing else has changed between 10.6.7 and 10.6.8.

I'll be updating my mini 9 to 10.6.8 once I complete a backup.

Upgraded from 10.6.7 to combo update via dchao's method.
kexthelper would not close after installing sleep helper.kext so I forced close and rebooted.
I had to boot into safemode (recovery=yes) for 1st boot after sleephelper install

All subsequent boots are fine. Sleep working.

Successfully used software update to get latest security patches. System now fully up to date

Thanks to everyone for the posted info.
Congrats on the install. I'm reluctant to try it but may, just for the java patch. Meanwhile, I read that the flashback trojan will not install itself it sees the folder "little snitch" in your library folder (/library/little snitch). Or if it sees /Applications/VirusBarrier So, I created them. I found this info here Threat Description: Trojan-Downloader:OSX/Flashback.I in the "additional information area.
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Default 10v working great - 04-16-2012, 02:43 AM

Many thanks for the OP and all comments.

I got the 10.6.8 combo working fine tonight.

FYI all the security updates also ran fine as of 4/15/2012.
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Default 04-16-2012, 06:33 PM

OK, I'm taking the plunge. I'm installing the combo update now. I have a question though:
I had my mic working with the mini9 soundpatch. Will I need to go through the process of creating a new .aml after this upgrade? My sleep was working before this. Will it still work? Last, can I use the same technique as before to get sleep functioning or do I have to use sleep enabler?

thanks to all the posters on this thread

UPDATE: I don't know what I was worried for. mic patch held, I lost the sleep function though. That's next. Just like above post, Java update and security update installed without a hitch. I used instructions from post #76.

Sleep enabler did the trick. I had to force quit kext helper after clicking "keep fingers crossed and restart" and it took a few minutes to shut down. Booted and Everything's cool!

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Default 04-25-2012, 03:09 AM

Originally Posted by dchao View Post
I could also easily update directly from a 10.6.3 install to 10.6.8 without any problem. If anyone want to do a clean install, feel safe to install it from a retail dvd and jump up to 10.6.8 directly.
What about a retail DVD install that has been in use for several months?
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Default 04-25-2012, 10:45 PM

Originally Posted by Dallas Ward View Post
What about a retail DVD install that has been in use for several months?
That should work. I've done the same thing multiple times; like always, though, make sure you have a working backup first.

Macbook (April 2008) | Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz | 4 GB RAM | 250 GB 5400rpm HD | OS X 10.7.3

Dell Mini 10v (August 2009) | Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz | 2 GB RAM | 120 GB 5400rpm HD | OS X 10.6.8 (borked) / Windows 8 Consumer Preview

GA-X58-USB3 (January 2011) | Intel i7-950 3.2 GHz (OC'd) | 6 GB RAM | 1 TB 7200rpm HD / 120 GB 5400rpm HD | Windows 7 Ultimate / Windows 8 Consumer Preview / OS X 10.7.2
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Default 04-26-2012, 02:14 PM

I took the plunge as well. I debated trying to following the OP's procedure of using pacifist and no patched kernel, but then realized I don't have time to deal with potential problems so I opted to go with dchao's method and all is well. Only hiccup was that kexthelper didn't want to exit and I had to kill -9 it in order to reboot (not sure if I just didn't give it enough time, but it showed no signs of wanting to exit). Sleep appears to work (light flashing when hood is closed).
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Default 04-26-2012, 07:52 PM

My sleep mode isn't working as good as I thought.
1. No sound after sleep. Everything else seems ok though.
2. It doesn't go to sleep without me telling it to. (maybe that's normal?) Setting the computer sleep time to one minute results in the screen sleeping but not the mini.

TAKE NOTE: I've done this to three minis now and the best way to run kexthelper app is to use "force quit" (option/cmd/esc) to exit the program instead of clicking on "keep fingers crossed". Then choose shut down and takes a few minutes to shut down. This way, I did not have to restart and shift/recovery=yes.
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Default 04-28-2012, 02:36 AM

Hey guys it's been awhile since I've been in the forum. My m9 has been running flawlessly since installing 10.5.7 using the guide I made here for my RunCore. I decided to follow MechDrew's guide for 10.6 and here's my post from another section which has only got 1 view since posting this morning. So I thought I'd run it by you to see which guide to follow for installing 10.6.8 from a Mac to the RunCore and then put in the m9.

original post;

I just used MechDrew's guide for using a Intell Mac to install SL on my mini 9.

Method 4: Direct Install from Mac to SSD/HDD | Guides | OS X | mechdrew

I did all the updates to 10.6.8 on my 32GB RunCore (1st generation) and installed it into the m9. Upon boot up I get the grey Apple logo screen and then it immediately goes into a Kernal Panic screen with the message in various languages to restart by holding down the power button.

I ran both the stock WinXP card and 10.5.7 on the RunCore using DellEFI 1.2a5 and my guide on this site.

One thought in the Post-Install section this is what is said;

3. Once you get to the Finder Desktop, you should download (if necessary) and run the NetbookInstaller 0.8.3 application. If a warning prompt shows up asking, "Are you sure you want to open it?" click Open. Select the following options:
  • Volume: <your netbook HDD/SSD>
  • Install Chameleon 2 NBI bootloader
  • Install General Extensions
I UNchecked all the other boxes that were checked by default because they weren't listed. Should I have left these others checked?

The Instructions show 10.6.2. Is the problem due to the 10.6.8 updates?
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Default 04-28-2012, 01:10 PM

At some point, you need to run the Run NetbookInstaller Special (xxx2351). This is for later versions of snow leopard. You will also need to address the legacy kext issue as well. How you do that at this point I'm not sure. Maybe you can jump in at step 2 of post #7 and omit step 5? good luck!
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Default 05-02-2012, 02:44 PM

I discovered You don't have to use the helper app to install the sleep enabler kext. While trying to fix the sound after sleep issue, I found you can drag the kext into the system/library/extensions folder and shut down. It takes a while to shut down though so be patient. It seems to do the same thing update extra used to do. I ran update extra one time and it screwed up everything.

I've also taken extensions out and shut down. That works as well. I tried removing IOATAFamily.kext (a fix for sleep that worked in 10.6.7) but that didn't help. It didn't hurt anything either.

Does anyone else get sound after waking from sleep?
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