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Default Gentoo install instructions - 11-19-2008, 12:53 AM

This is not meant as a replacement for the Gentoo Handbook, more like a suppliment with my experinces installation.

Get the Gentoo live CD from a mirror close to you (this is a link to the live CD from OSUOSL, which is a good mirror for north america):

Also, download the Stage 3 image for i686 and a Portage Snapshot:

Get all the "helpful files" from: This post

Burn the installcd image onto a CD, and copy the stage image, snapshot and files onto a USB stick.

Boot off the installation CD with the boot options: "boot: gentoo nohotplug"

Once booted, mount the USB stick: "mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/key"
And follow the Gentoo handbook for creating HD partitions (skip the swap partition) and mount it to /mnt/gentoo

Copy the Stage 3 image from the USB key to your new filesystem: "cp /mnt/key/Stage3* /mnt/gentoo/"
Unpack the Stage 3 image, from /mnt/gentoo: "tar -xjvf Stage3*"
Copy the portage snapshot from the USB key to /mnt/gentoo/usr: "cp /mnt/key/port* /mnt/gentoo/usr"
Unpack the portage snapshot

To be continued... there is an annoying problem of network driver availability.
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