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Question Dell MINI 12 Part Numbers - 11-15-2008, 01:39 PM

Bottom Plastic Assembly
P882X Bottom base
T283J Bottom base back rubber feet
U275J Bottom base front rubber feet
X607K Bottom base strike zone rubber
Y236K Bottom cover sevice kit, 1210(includes bottom cover assembly and COA lable

Cables and Cords

P975J DC IN module and cable

H839J Ubuntu tech book Spanish TSH
K550J Ubuntu tech book French TSH
M438J Setup Quick Reference Guide English GDE,SETUP,INSP
N260J Ubuntu tech book Brazilian Portuguese TSH,
N615J Setup Quick Reference Guide Spanish

Hard Drives, Accessories
JR374 HD,60GB,PATA,5MM,4.2K,SA080
U076K HDD rubber casing ASSY,BRKT,HD,RBR,
WX813 HD,80GB,PATA,5MM,4.2K,SA080
XN524 HD,40GB,PATA,5MM,4.2K,SA080
Y226K HDD service kit,PATA(includes PATA HDD, cable and HDD rubber casing)

Keyboards and Mic

G714K Travel Bluetooth Mouse (Fievel Black), 5 Buttons, Black, WW, APOS null
G716K Travel Bluetooth Mouse (Fievel White),5 Buttons, White, WW, APOS null
G955J Keyboard-Single pointing,French KYBD,83,FR,S-PTG,YM,WIN
J007J Keyboard-Single pointing,US,English KYBD,82,US,ENG,S-PTG,WIN,YM
K126J Keyboard-Single pointing,Brazil KYBD,83,BRAZ,S-PTG,YM,WIN
M917J Keyboard-Single pointing,French/Canadian KYBD,82,FR-CAN,S-PTG,YM,WIN
T809K Travel Bluetooth Mouse (Fievel Red),5 Buttons, Red, WW, APOS
T811K Travel Bluetooth Mouse (Fievel Pink),5 Buttons, Pink, WW, APOS

T8912 Blank COA Label, Use for COA Label Replacement

LCD Plastics, Covers, Accessories
C199J Left LCD bracket, 1210 BRKT,LCD,LF,MET,1210
J567J Black LCD cover with WLAN, 1210 ASSY,CVR,LCD,IMR,BLK,WLAN,1210
J593J Integrated camera cable and LVDC cable (2 in 1 cable) ASSY,CBL,LVDS,W/CMRA,LCD,1210
K351J White LCD cover with WLAN, 1210 ASSY,CVR,LCD,IMR,WHT,WLAN,1210
K717M LCD cover, Purple Picasso, WLAN antenna included, 1210 (POST RTS) ASSY,CVR,LCD,PIC,PUR,WLAN,1210
P868X Hinge cover, 1210 ASSY,CVR,HNG,PLSTC,1210
P906X White LCD cover with WWAN, 1210 ASSY,CVR,LCD,IMR,WHT,WWAN,1210
R727J LCD rubber, 1210 BMPR,SPRT,LCD,RBR,1210
R807H Camera assembly, 1210 ASSY,CMRA,1.3M,INTG,1210
RM559 LCD inverter, 1210 INVRTR,LCD,WXGA,12.1,1200
X874H Right LCD bracket, 1210 BRKT,LCD,RT,MET,1210
Y174M Black LCD backcover cover service kit,WLAN(include left&right bracket,LCD backcover,screws and 2 LCD rubbers) SVC,ASSY,CVR,LCD,IMR,BLK,WLAN
Y175M Black LCD backcover cover service kit,WWAN(include left&right bracket,LCD backcover,screws and 2 LCD rubbers) SVC,ASSY,CVR,LCD,IMR,BLK,WWAN
Y176M LCD bezel service kit(include LCD bezel and rubbers) SVC,BZL,LCD,SLVR,12.1,W/CMRA
Y239K Hinge Service Kit (include right & left hinges and 2 LCD rubbers) SVC,BRKT,LCD,MET,1210
Y240K Camera Service kit(include Camera and cable, and 2 LCD rubbers) SVC,ASSY,CMRA,1.3M,INTG,1210
Y242K White LCD backcover cover service kit,WLAN(include left&right bracket,LCD backcover,screws and 2 LCD rubbers) SVC,ASSY,CVR,LCD,IMR,WHT,WLAN
Y472H LCD bezel, 1210 BZL,LCD,SLVR,12.1,W/CMRA,1210
Y475H Black LCD cover with WWAN, 1210

LCD/Display Assembly Service Kit
Y238K 1WXGA LCD Service Kit,CCFL,Truelife,1210(Include LCD panel&LCD inverter&cable)

Miscellaneous Hardware
FK454 Earbud Headphones
TX131 Bluetooth Stereo Headset, LiteOn, AMF/EMF

Modems, Accessories
NW147 USB 56K External Modem


D124J USB module and cable, 1210 ASSY,PWA,DTRBD,USB,1210
T954H Power board and cable, 1210 ASSY,PWA,DTRBD,SWT,1210
Y230K Mother board service kit,WWAN,(includes UMA,W/WWAN mother board, daughter board, cable, BOIS CD and thermal pad) SVC,PWA,PLN,OEM,NBK,UMA,W/WWAN
Y235K Mother board service kit,WLAN,(includes UMA,WO/WWAN mother board, daughter board, cable, BOIS CD and thermal pad) SVC,PWA,PLN,OEM,UMA,WO/WWAN
Y963H VGA (CRT) module and cable, 1210

Y462H Palmrest assembly (include BT assy, power board assy, speaker assy, 2 thermal pad and touchpad assy),1210

Power Source
C716H Battery,Primary,56WHR,6C,Simplo(cylindrical cell) BTRY,PRI,48WHR,6C,LITH,SIMP
G784H Battery,Primary,24WHR,3C,Dynapack(cylindrical cell) BTRY,PRI,24WHR,3C,LITH,DYNPK
G914H Battery,Primary,56WHR,6C,Dynapack(cylindrical cell) BTRY,PRI,48WHR,6C,LITH,DYNPK
M303J Battery,Primary,48WHR,6C,Dynapack(cylindrical cell) BTRY,PRI,56WHR,6C,LITH,DYNPK
M305J Battery,Primary,48WHR,6C,Simplo(cylindrical cell) BTRY,PRI,56WHR,6C,LITH,SIMP
P009H Reserve battery, 1210 ASSY,BTRY,RSRV,NBK,1210
X844G Battery,Primary,24WHR,3C,Simplo(cylindrical cell) BTRY,PRI,24WHR,3C,LITH,SIMP
Y877G AC Adapter, 30 Watt, 2-pin,US(2 in 1, include adapter and PWR cord)

Processor Modules
D144J CPU/Memory board (include 1.6MHz Processor with 512MB cache and 1GB system memory and thermal pad) ASSY,PWA,DTRBD,SYS,1.6,1210
X889H CPU/Memory board (include 1.33MHz Processor with 512MB cache and 1GB system memory and thermal pad) ASSY,PWA,DTRBD,SYS,1.33,1210
Y241K CPU/Memory board service kit,(includes CPU/Memory board and BOIS CD)

63PDH Screw, M2.5X5, Bottom base (QTY 16), BEZEL TO LCD HINGE SIDE (R/L) (QTY 2) SCR,M2.5X5,PHH,TF,BCS
R843K Screw, M2.5X2.5, MB TO BOTTOM base (QTY2), SCR,M2.5X2.5,PHH,TF,BCS
R845K Screw, M2.5X3, USB board TO BOTTOm base(QTY 1), RGB board TO BOTTOM base (QTY 1), POWER BOARD TO palmrest assy (QTY 1), LCD HINGE (R/L) TO BOTTOM base (QTY 4), LCD ASSY (R/L) TO upper backcover (ANTENNA SIDE) (QTY 2) SCR,M2.5X3,PHH,TF,BCS
U781K Screw, M2X2.5, LCD BRK (R/L) TO LCD PANEL (QTY 4), INVERTER TO backcover (QTY 1) SCR,M2X2.5,PHH,TF,BCS
X197K Screw, M2X4, KB TO palmrest assy(QTY 2), SPEAKER TO Palmrest assy (QTY 2), WWAN CARD TO MB (QTY 2), WLAN CARD TO MB (QTY 2), SYS BOARD TO MB (QTY 2)


M481J Linux UBUNTU 8.04+, CD, Send New KIT,SW,UBUNTU8.04+,1210,MEDIA
R027C MS Works 9, Brazilian Portuguese (Send New) KIT,SW,WKS,9,BPOR
R020C MS Works 9, English (Send New) KIT,SW,WKS,9,ENG
R023C MS Works 9, Spanish(Send New) KIT,SW,WKS,9,SPN
M526D McAfee 9.0, Brazilian Portuguese (Send Used) KIT,SW,MCAF,9,CD,BPOR
M524D McAfee 9.0, French (Send Used) KIT,SW,MCAF,9,CD,FR
T118F McAfee 9.0, Security Center, English (Send used) KIT,SW,MCAF,9,CD,ENG
M525D McAfee 9.0, Spansih (Send Used) KIT,SW,MCAF,9,CD,SPN
N433H Resource DVD, 1210 KIT,MEDIA,DVD,RDVD,1210
N432H Resource DVD, N-Series, 1210 KIT,MEDIA,DVD,RDVD,N,1210
M144H Vista Home Basic 32 SP1A,DVD, Multi-languaged Eng/Fr/Spn/Jpn/Ger (Send Used)


TH768 Dell A525 Speakers, Black, Zylux, Brazil Only KIT,SPKR,120V,A525,ULD,BLK,BCC
TH760 Dell A525 Speakers, Black, Zylux, DAO KIT,SPKR,120V,A525,ULD,BLK,DAO
X147C Dell AX210 Speakers, Black, NMB, WW KIT,SPKR,1.2W,AX210,NMB,WW
F907J Internal Speaker assembly (with cable), 1210


J613H Bluetooth module (include cable) CRD,WRLES,INT,BLTH,QH/YM
XX982 Wireless Modem, 5530 Mobile Broadband Mini Card (HSDPA - Cingular)- For US MDM,WRLES,DW5530,ATT,MCRD
T137J Wireless card, BCOM, 4312,US,ASKEY (US only) CRD,WRLES,BCOM,4312,US,ASKEY
N204H Wireless mini card, BCOM (US only)

XPS M1210 Owner
Mini 9 Owner
Dell Inspiron 530 Media Center
Dell Tech Support agent
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Default Re: Dell MINI 12 Part Numbers - 01-23-2009, 12:32 AM

Thanks for the part numbers. I see that there are two display cover parts. One with WWAN and another with WLAN. I am waiting to recieve my mini. I hope that it comes with a WWAN antennas and SIM slot.
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Default Re: Dell MINI 12 Part Numbers - 02-13-2009, 07:44 AM

Ok, partnumbers is very usefull. But where we can buy this parts freely?

Dell Inspiron Mini 12, 1.6 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM, 40 GB HDD, 3 cell battery, MS Windows Vista.
Want to install internal WWAN modem, replace HDD with SSD or CompactFlash.
P.S. English it is not my native language, so, please, excuse me for its poor quality.
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Default Re: Dell MINI 12 Part Numbers - 03-17-2009, 11:48 PM

Originally Posted by KubanUser1
Ok, partnumbers is very usefull. But where we can buy this parts freely?
the dell site just search it :P

[Current] Acer Aspire Timeline 4810T-6937 1.4Ghz Core 2 Duo CULV, 3GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB HDD, XP Home
[Previouslyl] Dell Mini 12 - 1.33GHZ Atom, 1GB RAM, 60GB HDD, XP home/Windows 7
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Default Re: Dell MINI 12 Part Numbers - 04-19-2009, 12:49 AM

here's the parts list from the refurb i just bought. its pink and im trying to find a replacement lcd cover. how many of those above qualify?

1 DP121 Base,No Bios,Z520,1.33,512 Silverthorne,1210
1 D160H Module,Adapter,Alternating Current,30W,2P,United States 910
1 D659H Module,Battery,Primary,24WHR 3C,Dynapack International Technology Corp
1 J246J Module,Keyboard,82,English Windows,Yao Ming,Dell AmericasOrganization
1 J513J Module,Hard Drive,80G,4.2K,Ide(integrated Drive Electronics)SA080,Inspiron
1 J956H Module,Media,DVD,Resource DVD,N-series,1210
1 K345J Module,Cover,Liquid Crystal Display,IMR,PINK,Wireless Local Area Network Card,1210
1 P101H Module,Liquid Crystal Display 12.1WXGA,True Life,Au Optronics Corp,Yao Ming
1 R048J Module,Accessory,United States,1210,Dell Americas Organization
1 T370H Module,Card,Network,Bluetooth QH/YM
1 T956H Module,Assembly,Base,Without Wireless Wide Area Network, 1210
1 X625G Module,Card,Network,Broadcom Corporation,Arcadyan,US
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