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Default Run-around sponsored by Dell - 12-03-2008, 10:44 PM

Here's my story. I ordered my Mini on 10/27 and received it on 11/12. On 11/17, it quit turning on. I contacted Dell who informed me it would have to be sent to the depot. They sent the box to ship it in and it 10/18. I packed it up and shipped it to Memphis with their shipping label. The representative informed me it would be back in 5 to 7 business days (11/17/2008 02:21:03PM Agent (Robin_140570): "After you send the box it will take 5-7 business days for the computer to be shipped back from the depot." ).

On 12/1, I contacted Dell again and asked them where my laptop was. I received the following response.

12/01/2008 12:54:25PM Agent (Amit_164043): "Aaron, I have checked the previous case and the dispatch and would like to tell you that you will be receiving the system within next 1-2 days."

So I wait the next 1-2 days and contact them again today. Here's the response.

12/03/2008 10:57:33AM Agent (Prabhleen_105605): "Aaron, I have sent an email to the concerned department to check that and as soon as I get a reply we will inform you on your email for the same."

During lunch, I became intrigued by this bland response, so I decided to chat with another rep to see what they had to say about it.

12/03/2008 01:03:58PM Agent (Rajinder_108542): "Aaron, the system will be shipped to you in next 2-3 business days.

At this point, I realized I had three different answers from three different agents. Amused and p*ssed at the same time, I tried again.

12/03/2008 01:10:22PM Agent (Rajinder_108542): "Aaron, I apologize for the inconvenience. The system will be shipped to you with in next 5-8 business days. The parts which needs to be replaced are in backlog."

Four for four. Pretty good odds. This is not a good answer for me. I figured I'd keep going until one of them tells me what I want to hear. Do these guys have a wheel they spin to get the numbers?

12/03/2008 01:36:15PM Agent (Rajeshwar_105975): "I apologize for the delay, however, It might take 2-3 days more."

Oh my, did Rajinder and Rajeshwar come up with the same answer? They must share a wheel.

12/03/2008 01:58:10PM Agent (Gurdeep_112463): "You will get the system in next 5-6 days. The delay was there due to some technical error at our end and we really apologize for that."

Wow. That answer sucked. Maybe I will try again?

12/03/2008 02:13:41PM Agent (John_192491): "I see that you had called us on the 1st and 3rd as well for the status"
12/03/2008 02:14:34PM Aaron: "I did. I've received a different answer everytime I've chatted with someone."
12/03/2008 02:14:40PM Agent (John_192491): "I regret to inform that i do not have any information on the status as of now ."

This guy's wheel must be broken.

12/03/2008 02:41:13PM Agent (Gauravdeep_140520): "Aaron, we have to update this to another department and will get back to you after two days with the status."

Now we're up to two days to FIND where it is plus whatever repair/ship time they have.

12/03/2008 04:00:26PM Agent (DEEPTHI_189920): "The dispatch has been rerouted to a different depot."
12/03/2008 04:01:05PM Agent (DEEPTHI_189920): "The technician will keep you updated about this. We have sent an email about this."

12/03/2008 04:01:45PM Aaron: "most importantly, when will i get it back."
12/03/2008 04:03:31PM Agent (DEEPTHI_189920): "The technician will call you and let you informed ."
12/03/2008 04:03:53PM Aaron: "when will this call happen?"
12/03/2008 04:05:30PM Agent (DEEPTHI_189920): "The system is at the depot and it would take aroud 7 business days and after it has been fixed , it will be shipped back to you."
12/03/2008 04:06:38PM Aaron: "its already been 7 days"
12/03/2008 04:07:19PM Agent (DEEPTHI_189920): "Yes, I understand. But the system has been rerouted to another depot."

This guy managed to locate it. I don't like his answer of another 7 business days though. If you notice the time stamps, you'll see I am not very busy today. I'm finding this almost entertaining at this point.

12/03/2008 04:18:49PM Agent (Hafsa_187917): "The system is at the depot and it would take aroud 7 business days and after it has been fixed , it will be shipped back to you."
12/03/2008 04:19:17PM Aaron: "It's already been 7 days."
12/03/2008 04:19:33PM Agent (Hafsa_187917): "Yes, I understand. But the system has been rerouted to another depot."

Maybe it has been located now? That didn't take 2 days to figure out.

12/03/2008 04:33:15PM Agent (Abheyjit_166759): "Aaron, the date of delivery has not been updated. I have notified the concerned Dept. to expedite the process and return the system as soon as possible."

We're going backwards here. It appears to have been located, but now there isn't a delivery date.

This is really annoying. I have no idea where my laptop is, neither do they. I really enjoyed it for the six days I had it and I really miss it, but I'm really wondering if it is worth it at this point. It was here and broken and shipped back before I made my first payment on it. I've now paid Dell Financial (Dell's "credit" agency) almost $200 for a laptop that they've had longer than I've had it. I am the IT Director for a decent-sized business who is looking to do a technology refresh on their workstations. It is going to be very hard to recommend Dell after seeing what the service is like now. I will report back if I hear anything promising or if I decide to see how many other different answers I can get. Hope you all are enjoying your Minis! I'm jelous!
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Default Re: Run-around sponsored by Dell - 12-04-2008, 06:03 PM

If you purchased via the Home link as oppposed to the Business link you will get two very different support experiences.
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