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Installing Xubuntu 10.04 on Mini10 from USB drive (created on a windowsXP machine)
Published by simbo1905
Lightbulb Installing Xubuntu 10.04 on Mini10 from USB drive (created on a windowsXP machine)


I bought an ubuntu mini10 with a 16G SSD. After being very
careful to only to use the dell software updater for security
updates and not to mess around with its configuration one day it
failed to start up correctly:

"GConf erro: adding client to server's list failed, CORBA error: All further errors shown only
	on terminal."

	"An error occurred while loading or saving configuration
	information for update-notifier. Some of your configuration
	settings may not work properly."
All my important files were backed up at so I did not need
to try to get any old files off so I decided to do a clean install.


I was not impressed with the start up time of the factory
shipped Ubuntu 8.04. Xubuntu was the recommendation of who was blogging on successfully install
xubuntu on his dell mini10. The 'x' is basically the xfce
windows manager rather than the gnome windows manager on top of
ubuntu. This is claimed to be faster and more responsive.

I am very impressed with xubuntu. With the Dell factory ubuntu
8.04 I had to install my own java/eclipse and chrome/chromium
browser as Dell did not have them on their software centre. The
latest ubuntu 10.04 Software Centre had Google Chromium and
Eclipse IDE For Java ready to install. Perfect.

* A wired internet connection required to update the Broadcom
wireless network card drivers post xubuntu installation.
* USB stick drive big enough to hold the uncompressed distro (I
used an 8G SDHC card in a tio usb 2 multislot cardreader but
any 2G/4G usb stick should be enough)
* A windows machine to create the installer (I used a company
windowsXP laptop)
* An iso installer image. I downloaded the 700m 10.04 Desktop
ISO from "xubuntu-10.04-desktop-i386.iso"
* The pen drive universal installer from


* Run the pendrive universal installer and select "Xubutnu 10.04
Desktop Installer" as the distro, the correct iso file, and the
correct drive letter for the pen drive. I chose to format the
USB drive and did not use an optional persistence feature.
* Put the usb drive into the dell mini10. Note that the dell
mini10 cannot boot off of the SD flash card reader you have to
be using a usb slot.
* Power up the dell tapping the F12 key (you don't need to hold
down the Fn key). The Dell will seem to stall a long time when
the USB drive is connected. Finally a boot menu will come up.
* Select the "USB" option. This should bring up xubuntu
installer. I chose to overwrite all of the partitions.
* When you have installed and rebooted without the pen drive the
first thing you must do is connect to a network using a cable
and run the "Applications > System > Synaptic Package Manager".
Click the Reload button then Mark All Updates then Apply. Reboot.
* Now you need to fix wireless networking. Open up the Synaptic
Package Manager and choose to install/reinstall bcmwl-kernel-source
and bcmwl-modaliases to get the Broadcom STA wireless working.
* To enable the driver go to Applications > System > Hardware Drivers.
This should find the Broadcom driver. Ensure that it is Activated. Reboot.

Now you should have wireless working.
See for ideas about setting up the desktop layout.
Use the Ubuntu Software center to install all your favourite software
such as and chromium.
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