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Dell Marketing Review
Dell Marketing Review
Dell mobile marketing team review
Published by Tushar Raj
Angry Dell Marketing Review

After buying this product I came to know that in just 1 month they have reduced the price by Rs 10000/- officially and in market people can even get it for Rs 14000/- less value than I had purchased, I will never but a mobile product from Dell again as I believe that the Marketing guys in Dell mobile unit copied from (one of the major mobile manufacturer companies from Finland) business model to reduce price on yearly basis. They do not understand that whenever you copy a business model it should always come from a successful place. The company is a big success in India, this is because they were selling cheap cell phone, but when it came to smartphone or premium range phone they failed badly.
I could state a more successful business model see the company that has the top selling cell phone in the united state, they never decrease the price of their cell phone till an upgraded version has come and still the price of the older version keeps at a decent price. This is why I will now return to the God phone and never ever buy a Dell mobile product. Till better managers come in Dell Mobile unit.
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