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Default Why Did you Install OS X? Honest question. - 12-23-2009, 03:16 PM

I originally purchased a Mini10 for my gf to do schoolwork at the library between classes. I found this site looking for reviews and tips to improve her Mini. When I saw the 10v could be modified in more ways and was on sale for 210.00 refurbed I thought it would be fun to play around with and too could have a mini for traveling.

I had never used OS X before in my life, the thought of having it on a dell seemed pretty damn cool. It definitely gets attention by all who see it. Modding it is also a fun hobby.

So now I have it, I check the forum and read almost daily...and use my Mini Mac all the time.

BUT --- honestly, whats so great about having OS X on the mini? Is it worth the hassle. I understand it is more stable than windows but not having used this before -- I'm wondering if I'm missing out on something.

Why did you install OS X and what do you use it for. Or better yet -- what do you do on it that you could not do on the mini if it had Windows 7.

Mini 10v - OS X 10.6.2 - 120gb HDD - 1g Ram - NCD (D) - RC5 - BIOS A05 - Works Perfect!
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Default 12-23-2009, 03:43 PM

The appeal for me (I'm already an OSX user - I have an iMac) was the stability and security of OSX on cheaper hardware. When I first got the mini I considered keeping XP, but the amount of crapware that was preinstalled, and the horrendous boot times made me change my mind.

I've not even upgraded the RAM to 2GB (and don't intend to) but the system already feels far snappier than it ever did running Windows.

Hope this helps!

Dell Mini 10v | A06 | 10.6.2 | NBI 0.8.3 RC5
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Default 12-23-2009, 03:47 PM

If it's just stability you want I'd look into linux. There are still minor issues with running OS X on the mini 10v.

I installed OS X because I'm already a mac person, but wanted something more portable than my macbook pro 15". So far it's been a great little machine with a pretty good "mac experience". Yes a mac will look better, but since the touch points (screen, keyboard and trackpad with two finger scrolling/clicking) are pretty decent you soon forget about the hardware and can enjoy the OS.
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Default 12-23-2009, 03:48 PM

I bought my Mini9 specifically to install OS X on it. I love my Macbook Pro, and love my iPhone, but needed something in between for use when on holiday, or when out and about, or when working away from the office but needing to travel light.

The Macbook Pro is a brilliant portable desktop replacement but too heavy to cart around with me all day on foot (particularly if I have other stuff), the iPhone screen is a bit small, and I really like a keyboard for e-mail and web browsing (if the iPhone worked with a Bluetooth keyboard like every other phone I'd probably have tried that instead)

The Mini 9 integrated 3G WWAN module works like a dream - in fact the whole thing does. (I've bunged 2GB of RAM and 32GB of SSD in mine)

I'm a long-time Win 3.1, 95, 98, XP, Vista and Win 7 user (and Bootcamp into Win 7 on my Macbook Pro, and have an HTPC built around Win 7) - but for basic personal productivity, OS X just works brilliantly for me with iLife, and with a 16GB SD card with some movies on it I have a very neat, decent sized screen, personal movie player for in-flight/on-train entertainment.

Couple it with a small Elgato DVB-T USB TV tuner stick and EyeTV and I can watch/record TV across Europe in my hotel room as well. (The UK, Sweden and the Netherlands have all been fine with diversity aerials)

Dell Mini 9 - 2GB RAM - 32GB Runcore SSD - OSX 10.5.8 - WWAN / WiFi / Bluetooth
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Default 12-23-2009, 03:49 PM

For me the goal wasnt optimizing my mini with Mac OS X. I already have a Mac Book which I really like. I travel a fair bit and have been less and less comfortable exposing my primary machine to airport security.....Welcome To Israel, We Shot Your MacBook! | Cult of Mac The mini gave me a cheap portable Mac.

mini 9 | 2GB RAM | 16GB STEC SDD | BIOS A06, USB Legacy OFF | No Bluetooth | OSX 10.6.7 | NBI 0.8.5pre w/ ALC268 | Broadcom2Airport
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Default 12-23-2009, 04:18 PM

I prefer Mac OSX over Windows on a personal machine... and I was "up to the challenge" and found it very interesting.

It turns out that it was not much of a challenge because of the convenience of NetbookInstaller, but it was neat to do. I also like having a unique machine (although they are becoming more common)

The Mini goes well with all of my other Macs and is fun to take places when you need a very portable machine. Much better than lugging a MBP!

 Mini 10v  | 2Gb RAM | 320 Gb HDD | Ubuntu 10.04 | OSX 10.6.3 | NBI .8.4RC1 | Chameleon Bullet Theme | BIOS A05 | USB Wake : OFF | USB Legacy : ON | No BlueTooth
Meklort's Blog | NBI Google Code Page | -- the best OSX installation guides
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Default 12-23-2009, 04:35 PM

After my g/f bought an iMac, I started running my workstation as a Hackintosh. When I wanted a netbook I googled for "best osx netbook", found this site and got hooked... :-D
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Default 12-23-2009, 04:42 PM

I had been using a 12" PowerBook G4 for almost 3 years, and I loved it. When I left that job and turned it in, I bought a 13" MacBook because it was the only option available. I was quickly disappointed. It was too big and cumbersome - I wasn't looking for a desktop replacement, I was looking for a desktop supplement.

I sold that 13" MacBook and bought my Mini9 with the intention of running OSX on it because Apple no longer makes the product I want at a price point I can afford. Sure, they *now* make a unibody 13" MacBook Pro, but it's still not anywhere near the size of my old 12" PowerBook, and a MacBook Air is a non-starter for me.

I have on occasion pondered buying a used 12" PowerBook G4 again now that the prices have come down, but I am OK with my Mini9 for now.

fanboi = Macintosh Classic (still runs!) + mac Mini (fake AppleTV) + 24" iMac 2.8Ghz + iPod Classic (160GB jukebox) + iPhone 3G + Dell Mini10v (OS X 10.6.4)
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Default 12-23-2009, 04:59 PM

I need a cost-effective computer for my daughter to play, learn about the computer, get a feel about different platforms. She is 8 now. I found out my 10v serves the purpose quite well, most times she is looking for games.

Mini10v| 2GRAM| 160GB| BT(Added)| A05| QuadBoot(SnowLeopard10.6.2,WinXP.SP3,Ubuntu.Deskto p9.10,Moblin2.1)|
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Default 12-23-2009, 06:16 PM

Sticking it to the man Steve Jobs and Michael Dell!

Well...they both made some $$ off of my Netbook purchase and OSX install.

DEVICE: Small form factor for traveling/coffee shop/cigar store; battery life of the 6-cell

OSX: stability, faster boot/fastest wake from sleep, doesn't feel like work Windows; 'hack-ability'; public WOW factor

Mini 10v
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