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Thumbs up NBI 0.8.5pre and OS 10.6.7 - 06-01-2011, 09:22 PM

First the most important thing: DO NOT USE UPDATEEXTRA!

I recently tried a clean install of 10.6.7, with the still experimental NBI 0.8.5pre. Here are some insights.

The environment: Mini9, 2GB RAM, 32GB SSD, multiboot therefore MBR formatted therefore install into an external GUID USB drive. But most of it should mutatis mutandis apply to all NBI installs.

- A 10.6.0 DVD image was prepared with NBI 0.8.5pre on a SL machine.
- Install worked fine, except that on reboot after the installer finished I got a kernel panic. Rebooting finished OK.
- Migration assistant threw kernel panics when I tried to pull over the applications from a 10.6.6 backup clone. This may be a permissions thing -- I had long ago added myself to the read-write permission of the applications folder, and disk utility kept complaining about unecspected ACL lists. Finally I copied this folder manually, and will have to redo all preferences setting or registering, or copy the respective stuff manually.
- I did not include other files in the migrated stuff for fear of smudging the clean new install with old cruft from NBI, system, or other installed things.
- Installation of the 10.6.7 Combo update went smooth.
- After some fixing around and testing, I cloned the system onto the internal SSD: works OK.
- For some time in between, "About this Mac..." said "2.05 GHz" but that's back to normal "1.6 GHz".


Working with the /Extra Folder
- NBI 0.8.5pre doesn' offer any options -- it's just run it or leave it. This is a Bad Thing.
- It will hide the /Extra folder. This is an Even Worse Thing.
=>You can use any older NBI WITH ONLY "Show NetBookInstaller Files" CHECKED to make it visible and fix stuff as you like.
- The visibility doesn' survive the next NBI 0.8.5pre run.
=> Hint: put /Extra into the finder sidebar, that's faster than "Go to folder...".
- /Extra is not made for you, so you have to enter an admin passwort every time you fiddle the files in there.
=> Give yourself read and write permissions in "Get Info", and apply it to all included folders and files. But... The permissions do not survive an NBI 0.8.5pre run. Try to bundle as much work as possible between NBI 0.8.5pre runs.


- NBI 0.8.5pre installs a new version of chameleon that offers some fine new possibilities, see the documentation.
- The easy access to them with Lizard is a Very Good Thing, see also [Utility] Lizard: a little app for Chameleon (update 0.62).

- Chameleon settings are written into the /Extra/ file.
- This file does not survive a NBI 0.8.5pre run -- always make a backup as soon as you're done changing boot options!

- With Lizard, or otherwise, change ONLY the things where you know for certain what you are doing, or submit a paper signed by all eight greatgrandparents that they will cover the damages done.

- Hiding a data-only partition from the boot menu is a Good Thing. You can type in several partitions, comma-separated, e.g., "hd(0,1), hd(0,3)".

- You can add themes (skins) for the boot menu int /Extra/Themes/, and then select them via Lizard.
- Great themes are availabe from
- If the line "Press any key to enter startup options" spoils your theme see Hide "Press any key to enter startup options." possible? (haven't tried it, but maybe negative values push it off the screen?)
- The /Extra/Themes/ folder does not survive an NBI 0.8.5pre run. Backup while it's still time!


Your Own Kernel Extensions
- Just copy your extensions into /Extra/AdditionalExtensions/.
- No need to remove any other versions in other locations of them, AdditionalExtra content has priority with NBI 0.8.5pre.
- No need to install into /System/Library any more.
- The content of /Extra/AdditionalExtensions/ withstands a NBI 0.8.5pre run! Yay! Still it's better to have a backup of everything in it -- NBI 0.8.5pre is experimental and things may break with future versions.

Audio Fix (Mini9)
- Get Akki's Bundle and unpack it.
- Copy the /Extra/DSDT.aml file that NBI 0.8.5pre has created to a place other than /Extra and modify it according to Akki's instructions.
- Make a backup copy of the modified DSDT.aml!
- Copy the kernel extensions "ALC268.kext" and "AppleHDA.kext" into /Extra/AdditionalExtensions/. No need to remove any AppleHDA as per Akki's instructions, AdditionalExtra content has priority with the new NBI.
- continue fixing, or run NBI 0.8.5pre, then replace the DSDT.aml with your modified version, and reboot.

Bluetooth Fix (Mini9)
- Run System Profiler to get the manufacturer and device ID of the BT device. It is NOT the entry under "Hardware > Bluetooth", but the one under "USB" ("USB bus" > "BCM2046 Bluetooth device" if it's that Dell thingy).
- Convert the values from hexadeximal to decimal (on a Mac with the Calculator in programmer mode, or else with any suitable web service). For the Dell BT module, it could be "0x02b0" that equals "688", and "0x413c" = "16700".
- Copy the extension "IOBluetoothFamily.kext" in /System/Library/Extensions/ to your desktop or wherever you like to work.
- Navigate deep into it to IOBluetoothFamily.kext/Contents/Plugins/BroadcomUSBBluetoothHCIController.kext/Contents/ and open the "Info.plist" file. I recommend Pref Setter, but any text editor will do fine.
- Find "33301" and replace it with the decimal of your device ID, e.g, "688", then find "1452" below it, and replace it with the decimal of your manufacturer ID, e.g, "16700".
- Check: both keys are in "IOKitPersonalities" > "Broadcom2046FamilyUSBBluetoothHCIController_3 7A" (look for "_37A") Don't worry that System Profiler says "manufacturer" and the key says "vendor".
- Save, close all that window clutter.
- Put your modified "IOBluetoothFamily.kext" into /Extra/AdditionalExtensions/, and a backup copy elsewhere. No need to remove the original IOBluetoothFamily.kext, AdditionalExtra content has priority.
- continue fixing, or run NBI 0.8.5pre and reboot.

Speedstepping and Throttling (VoodooPowerMini1.2.7, CPU-i)
- Causes kernel panics with this install. [EDIT:] But the good news is that NBI enables Speedstepping now, and with the CPUi.kext extension in /Extra/AdditionalExtensions/, CPU-i can access it. [/EDIT] (Haven't tested for throttling, though...)

UpdateExtra Considered Harmful
- Whenever I tried to rebuild the kext caches using UpdateExtra, booting ended with a kernel panic ("failed to locate SMC driver"). I suspect that some code in the older NBIs is infected with Gremlins that show their ugly head only under rare circumstances (see here and here, I predict more to come).

- Alwasy keep a backup of
- - DSDT.aml
- -
- - /Extra/Themes/ if you use some other than the "Default" theme.
- - /AdditionalExtensions/ if you have added your own extensions, in case NBI breaks its persistence.

After every NBI 0.8.5pre run
- copy the above backups except AdditionalExtensions into /Extra
- reboot, and have fun.

Wish List
- NBI 0.8.5pre should have the options back.
- And one to "Update kext caches".
- And one to "Only update caches including NBI / AdditionalExtension kexts".
- And one to "Use DSDT.aml from backup (select location...)"
- And one to "Use from backup (select location...)".
- And remember the backup locations between runs.

So, to sum it up: NBI 0.8.5pre and OS 10.6.7 are a fine couple, and once you have a backup of the modified versions and folders at hand, all the hard work is behind you.

Well, lads 'n lasses,
that's all for tonight.
Thanks for your patience.


P.S.: OK, I got a bit carried away with UpdateExtra, I know, I know...

Last edited by grassle; 06-03-2011 at 05:55 PM. Reason: CPU-i works. Minor formatting.
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Default 06-02-2011, 03:35 AM

excellent info
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Default 06-02-2011, 02:54 PM

Hehe... What was that about update extra again???? Hehe.

Thanks +1

10v, N80, 1 Gig ram, 160 Gig HD, A06 /Windows XP / SL 10.6.6 NBI 0.8.4 Special/ Linux Mint |
Please use my Dropbox Invite link:
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Default Update: Hands off of 10.6.8! - 06-28-2011, 12:11 PM

I just tried to go 10.6.7 => 10.6.8 via software update on this install.

After reboot about 2/3 screen repeats "systemShutdown false", then continues until the final status:

Finder and login items running, but Trackpad and Keyboard unresponsive. Cursor also not moving when it should via Teleport.

Copied back the clone of 1.6.7 I prepared immediately before trying 10.6.8 and set 10.6.8 to "ignored update".
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Default 07-10-2012, 02:00 AM

Did anyone ever manage to use 0.8.5pre with 10.6.8 and get speedstep ? I got a perfect 10.6.8 install with the NBI 2351. However speedstep does not work and its really annoying..
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nbi 0.8.5pre, os 10.6.7, updateextra

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