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Default Meklort - a request! - 04-28-2010, 10:56 AM


I like the NBI and NBM app.s and I absolutely think they are a fine way to install that it is very newbie friendly. Thank you so much for having taken the time and effort to make them and make netbooks so easy to hack.

However, I have done a few hackintoshes and am very happy with Chameleon, the usual tools for installing kexts etc and with the structure of a single "Extra" folder for kexts to be inserted at boot and a list of kexts that need to go into System/Library/Extensions.

It would be enormous help if you could upload a single "Extensions" folder with all the needed kexts for the Extra folder for the Mini 9 for the latest Snow Leopard and a folder with the patched kexts needed for S/L/E. This would really help me to put together a dedicated boot USB drive that I can use in case of emergency and for more complicated installs.

I have tried to work out the kexts from the installer packages you provide, but because there is a lot of patching that occurs on the fly it is not easy to construct a simple minimal list of the kexts actually needed.

I think also such a folder would make things easier for end users when they have issues or want to make a simple Chameleon based installation.

Finally, a list of patches made to the system areas by your installers would be fantastic - so that for those who like doing things manually can tailor things more easily.

I realise this might not be something that you have on your plans, but it would really be of benefit to users like myself and also help all users to understand what is going on when they run your applications.

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Default 04-28-2010, 01:36 PM

If you download NBBM 0.8.4, inside of the resources directory is a disk image that is used to patch the install DVD. You can also write the image to a usb drive and use it as a boot disk (you might have to install the bootloader to it, I think the build script has a bug with that).

Either way, the only extensions included in there are the following:
Kexts in */System/Library/Extra* for the boot disk

Kexts in */Extra/* for the boot disk (not all needed)
AHCIPortInjector (For Nvidia ION netbooks)
AppleACPIBatteryManager (for the battery, not needed for recovery)
AppleACPIPS2Nub (So the ps2 kext can attach to something in the ioregister)
AppleIntelPIIATAX (For the mini 9, I believe)
ApplePS2Controller (keyboard / mouse / touchpad support)
CPUIDOverride (Fixes native pm panic)
CPUIDSymbol (Allows CPUIDOverride to resolve a required symbol)
ElliottForceLegacyRTC (RTC / bios reset fix)
fakesmc (Used so that AppleSMC can load and as such, can get the decryption key from this kext)
IOATAFamily.kext (again, mini 9 I believe, I really need to double check)
IOSDHCIBlockDevice (SD card on the mini 9, in case if you wanted to setup a raid between the sd card and the internal drive, or other uses)
LidSleep (Not really needed for the installer, but replaces ClamshellDisplay.kext)
NullCPUPowerManager (Not needed, but can be include if you don't want to use the CPUID* kexts. I've included it so that the native pm kext doesn't panic on an unpatched HPET, it's removed during a regular boot).
NVEnabler (Enable ION support, This will be removed in the next version, chameleon will take it's place).
OSXRestart (restart fix, will be removed in the future)
VaioPEnabler (GMA500 support)

-- Other kexts Included --
PostbootMounter ( Mounts the /dev/md0 ramdisk at bootup, causes the install dvd to be patched at runtime)
PostbootSymbols ( Allows PostbootMounter to load, resolves some needed symbols)

Other things NBI does for the boot disk
- Modified chameleon, patches the kernel so that it doesn't panic when detecting an Atom cpu
- USB fix for the 1201n in the bootloader

As far as /S/L/E extensions that are patched, and then places in /Extra, pretty much is the following:
AppleIntelGMA950 (gfx)
AppleIntelINtegratedFramebuffer (gfx)
IO80211Family (wifi)

For a complete list, it's best to read the NBI source code.

Anyways, NBI doesn't follow most of the ways other install methods use
1) *No* extra extensions are located in /S/L/E
2) Required extensions are patched when NBI is run (I'm working on changing this so that chameleon does it...)
3) /Extra/Extensions/ (it's slow) doesn't exist. Instead we use /Extra/Extensions.mkext
3) *All* (unpatched) /S/L/E extensions are in the /Extra/Extensions.mkext (for dependancies) along with all of the /Extra/<machine>Ext and /Extra/AdditionalExtensions

0.8.4 RC1 includes a recovery mode. In this mode, /Extra/Extensions.mkext is *not* loaded, instead the same mkext is loaded that was used in the usb boot disk. Essencialy, /Extra/UpdateExtensions/Extensions.mkext is used instead

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Default 04-28-2010, 04:59 PM

Thanks Meklort. You do fine work!

Mini 9, 64GB Runcore, 2GB RAM, Triple boot OSX 10.6.3, XP, Ubuntu Netbook Edition (via Wubi) 3G w. A-GPS. BIOS A00, big Chinese battery.
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