Dell Mini 9 Hardware Issues / Problems Inform everyone on any issues or problems with your Dell Mini 9 hardware.

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Default 09-17-2009, 06:19 PM

Originally Posted by IMAJF View Post
At this point whenever I call Dell my call is automatically re-directed to a recording that tells my to go to the Ubuntu website.
If you just stay on the line through this recording (and the one about connecting your monitor!), you will get an operator eventually. He had me check this BIOS and try turning it on again (which obviously didn't work but I understand he has to make me try it). I told the operator that I had run the diagnostics on the DELL Drivers and Utilities DVD and got multiple error codes on the SSD. He is sending me a new SSD to replace myself, should arrive within 2 business days. Actually a pretty pleasant tech support experience, all in all. Even got invited to come visit Chennai. Of course, I did not mention OSX, as it would only complicate matters.
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Default 09-18-2009, 05:02 PM

I just installed a new Runcore SSD with OSX installed. The first time I started up with the new drive, I got your message. I took the SSD out reseated it and tried again. No problems since. I might take it out, blow out any dust, make sure everything is clean and try again.
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Default 09-19-2009, 05:27 PM

Finally had the time (and cell minutes) to call dell again. Only talked to three people this time Ubuntu tech, his manager briefly for a couple quality control questions, and hardware tech. Unfortunately, their database was having trouble so it took a little while, but I expected it anyway. But they sent me a new drive. This time the drive had a thermal pad on it. Maybe heat has been an issue with them.

Anyway, it had never crossed my mind and they didn't mention during the trouble shooting the first failure, but the Driver and Utilities disk is bootable an will run a diagnostic on the drive. So if you have this problem...

*Try to reseat your ssd. Pull it out make sure it's clean and put it back. (Remember Nintendo cartridges)
*Reset the BIOS to default settings and run the installation of the OS that came with your computer
*Run the diagnostic on your ssd from the Drive and Utilities disk that came with your computer. Take note of any error codes and their descriptions.

Tell Dell you did those things and your errors and that should be the fast track to a solution.

Also, a bit of a tangent, think of the normal person that these techs usually deal with on the phone and imagine how hard it would be to do a diagnosis of a computer that is not in front of you with that normal person acting as you eyes and ears. The techs aren't brilliant computer engineers(those would make you warranty too expensive). They aren't going to assume you know what you are talking about and may not know enough to understand you do. The call center you're calling is managing thousands of calls with many different issues. There isn't going to be a graceful way to deal with that. There were annoyances both times, but in the end Dell replaced my drive both times. I talked to them Thursday morning and got the drive Friday afternoon. They fixed my problem and I talked to people the whole time and not a computer. That's pretty awesome compared to the cynical view most have of customer support.
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Default 09-25-2009, 12:03 AM

So my dell 910 is now doing this, its running XP.... Is the fix for this a new SSD?

Anyone have their old stock SSD they want to sell me?
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