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Hackintoshing The Dell Mini 10(1010)- Snow Leopard and Windows 7 Dual-Boot
Published by MaoriYelir
Default Hackintoshing The Dell Mini 10(1010)- Snow Leopard and Windows 7 Dual-Boot

Hackintoshing The Dell Mini 10- Snow Leopard and Windows 7 Dual-Boot
This is a collection of guides and forum threads I used to get my Dell Mini 10 (1010 model) up and running. I will give credit to the original authors of each and links to each respective part as to avoid plagiarizing others work. I am not claiming to be finding any of this information on my own, I just wanted to collect all the information in one place because no single guide got me through the install process. Be prepared to have a lot of tabs open.
For the purposes of this guide I am assuming you 1) Have access to another Windows machine and 2) You want to keep your current Windows install on your netbook. I am also assuming that you do not have access to an external harddrive but if you do you will be able to see the areas where it is interchangeable.
Needed hardware:

· At least 2 USB drives, one 8GB or larger. The second can be much smaller. NOTE: More USB drives will mean less hassle as you will not have to keep rewriting them as you go.
· One external harddrive (Size is irrelevant as I am assuming it is going to be at least 64GB+)

Needed software

· A Retail Copy of Snow Leopard.
· Windows 7 Install Disk.
· An ISO Creation program.
· GParted LiveCD or a recent version of Ubuntu. NOTE: Gparted LiveCD is very buggy and often takes an inordinate amount of time to work. If Gparted does not work you will need to install Ubuntu to your external harddrive.
· Latest version of BIOS (At the time of this guide it was A11)
· HDD Low Level Format Tool (If you are using only two USB drives you will need this utility to wipe off mounted install files. It's very simple to use but if you need extra help go to
· Carbon Copy Cloner (Wait until you get OSX install on the external harddrive to download this one, it's for OSX only)
· NBI_083F dd Image
· Image Writer for Windows
· dd for Windows
· NSnowD10 12?11?
· DellMini9 Runcore SSD/10.6.1/NI 083 RC3 (Full Sound, Sleep, Reliable Restart!
· (Kext Helper b7)

Update the Bios

· Before starting know that this is the most dangerous part of the guide. If your flash fails or you turn off your computer during the utility's actions you will brick your netbook. There are ways to recover from bad flashes but they require a USB Floppy drive. You can find the method to recovery from if a flash goes wrong.
· Power up your netbook and make sure you are plugged in to a power source.
· Unzip the downloaded file.
· Close all open programs (THIS IS IMPORTANT. The utility goes on its own once it's open even though it gives the impression that it takes a button push. Trust me, this bricked my computer the first time I tried)
· Run the WinFlash Utility as administrator. Allow the program to do its thing, once it finishes you should nee to restart and then you are set.

Partition the Internal Drive

· Open the partition utility on your netbook. (I usually just type 'partition' in search and it comes up).
· Shrink your volume to the size you want each to be. I suggest not splitting the drive in half as it will make things confusing for you later.

Format the Mac OSX Partition

· Follow this link and to change the empty partition to HFS+. You do not need to chop up your partitions any further (His guide was to triple boot. If you are more interested in triple booting than dual booting I suggest to read and incorporate his guide further, I am only discussing dualbooting), simply use the utility to change the format so that you will be able to use it for OSX later. You do not need to go past the page linked on his guide.
· If Gparted was not successful or hung and crashed as it did to me you can use Ubuntu to partition the disk. Mount Ubuntu to a USB drive and plug in your external drive. Go through the install process and make sure that you select the external drive to install to. If for any reason you need to restart after install you can reach it by hitting F12 on start up and selecting USB devices.
· The resolution is going to be off but don't worry about it, Ubuntu is only going to be used for this one purpose. Go into terminal and type the following command:
· sudo apt-get install gparted
· Now type the following command:
· sudo apt-get install hfsprogs
· Find and run gparted (It should be under the System tab)
· Format the OSX partition as HFS+

Install OSX To External Harddrive

· NetbookInstaller 2: USB Mac Installation via Any Operating System | Guides | OS X | mechdrew Follow this link for the guide to install OSX to the external drive. Use the main Windows method for the NBI file and use the Windows Alternate 1 for the Snow Leopard install DVD. This is the only combination for mounting that worked for me. If one USB drive has Ubuntu mounted to it currently use HDD Low Level Format Tool to wipe it clean before mounting Snow Leopard. Be sure to have both USB drives and the external drive plugged into the netbook before you install as the installer will not be able to read the internal drive. After the external drive is installed and bootable only install to 10.6.1 as per MechDrew's guide. I have heard that 10.6.2 and 10.6.3 both install successfully but I have no verified this. If you wish to try by all means do but please note that I have only gone as far as 10.6.1.

Install Kext Files

· Follow the link and complete the actions outlined by the first post on the thread.

Move Partition to Internal Drive

· Download Carbon Copy Cloner to your OSX install.
· First run the Disk Utility in the Utilities folder. Select the partition you are going to move to and select the erase option. Switch the format to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and name it something catchy. Click erase.
· Run Carbon Copy Cloner and select the correct partitions. Check 'Delete Items That Don't Exist on the source.' Do not worry about the warning about booting not being possible, it will boot.
· Once the copy is complete shut down, unplug the external drive and use the NBI mounted USB drive to boot into your new OSX partition. Once in run the NBI App and verify that it will boot on its own.

Restoring Windows

· Mount your Windows install disk on a USB drive and then follow Simple way to create Dual Boot : Snow Leopard and Windows 7. Note that the NBI you have will be 0.83, I do not suggest using 0.84 as the guide suggests.
· If this works you should be done.

Note to Admins: Sorry for the double post, I meant to hit preview before I posted. I fixed the spacing issues with the first. I welcome any additional formatting you may want to add to make it easier to read.
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Old 06-13-2010, 08:54 PM
drjay425 drjay425 is offline
Junior Member
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i have an external dvd drive can this help me in any case not having to deal with more usb drives?
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Old 07-03-2010, 07:32 PM
flackend flackend is offline
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So what doesn't work on your system in OS X?
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Old 07-10-2010, 12:27 PM
mykweb mykweb is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2010
Posts: 3

I have just tried to run thro this installer and I get it to boot of the USB flasah drive and read the larger one

But osx says it encounterd and error and I need to restart my system

Any idea

I am using a dell Insoiron mini 1010

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Old 01-11-2011, 10:00 PM
Yotajunk Yotajunk is offline
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Originally Posted by mykweb View Post
I have just tried to run thro this installer and I get it to boot of the USB flasah drive and read the larger one

But osx says it encounterd and error and I need to restart my system

Any idea

I am using a dell Insoiron mini 1010

I get the same thing. I have tried several different things, including a different usb drive, formatting it differently, using a mac to format and put the image onto...when it comes up it has code behind a big gray square with a power button on it and writing that says I have to restart the system. It won't get past that right after NBI comes up and I select the apple. Any help?
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Old 06-16-2011, 04:19 PM
VanquishS VanquishS is offline
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Cant get it working for the life of me!
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Old 08-10-2011, 09:53 PM
jupp jupp is offline
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Did anybody ever try to use bootcamp to install Windows?s
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Old 08-12-2011, 09:08 AM
TGabriele TGabriele is offline
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Can't wait to try it out! I'll let you know how I make out.
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Old 09-01-2011, 05:43 PM
Fan2Mario Fan2Mario is offline
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Angry The Flash gone wrong !

Oh thanks ! using this tutorial I fully destroyed my BIOS ! now I need to change the motherboard ! Wow amazing !
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Old 10-27-2011, 12:02 AM
mitchzink mitchzink is offline
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I am looking for a way to not have to purchase the retail copy of snowleopard, I plan on attempting to upgrade to Lion as soon as i get snowleopard. Any ideas?
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dual boot, hackintosh, mini 1010, osx, windows 7

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