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Default AHCI Option for Mini 1010: - 07-16-2016, 03:09 PM

Good morning MDMF community:

I have a real quagmire here. I have a Mini 1010 & I need the AHCI option so I can run my SSD w/o the "molasses" effect. the 1012 & 1018 has it, so you can hackintosh it pretty easily. But Dell (in their infinite wisdom) decided NOT to put the option in the 1010. So if you're using a regular HDD & you're just emailing & surfing, you're going to be ok..BUT??!! If you're using an SSD, or/and if you want to watch videos, you're SOL. So please, if ANYONE know about an AHCI option for the 1010, don't hesitate to PM me. & PLEASE??!! no pseudo "knowitalls". I've been all of the know mod sites, and nothing. The BIOS (Tigrerom11) had been unlocked, but 1) no AHCI option & 2) no GPU unlocking (the set video RAM is 8MB, I want at least 64MB)..again??!! if anyone knows about how to do add the option, or has a copy of the BIOS with the option added to it, hit me ASAP. Thank you all in advance. Peace..& God bless you & yours.

A-Weapons..South Bronx, NYC..
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Thumbs up 01-31-2017, 08:38 AM

Hi , i know it's old post but i want to answer.

1)US15 Platform (pc with Intel Atom Z5xx series) doesn't support AHCI because there isn't a REAL Sata Port (only connector). The controller is PATA, this is why if you install a SSD will not notice much difference. With SSD Max file transfert speed will be 65MB\s (not above 120 or more). More info on gma500booster.blogspot

2)VGA 8MB is only preallocated ram for boot system. You don't need to change it.
GMA 500 doesn't have own ram but use shared ram, after system boot some ram will be allocated to the GPU (depends by the driver\vbios usually 128MB-256MB or dynamic allocation)
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