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Default Dell Mini 9 Disassembly Pictures - 11-19-2008, 03:04 PM

When I painted the LCD cover of my mini, I took pictures along the way. Hopefully these are helpful for someone....

So many people are curious about the Bluetooth module... location, ease of installation, etc... so I pointed out where it is in some of the pictures.


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Default re: Dell Mini 9 Disassembly Pictures

jingo5 wrote:
Best tool I've found for lifting the palm rest off is a standard plastic ruler you buy at any store for 99 cents. Doesn't mar or scratch the case up and if it breaks you're out a buck!

So far I've used it on a majority of my mods without breaking anything.
Guitar picks are also a great tool for mods, I've seen them used to pop the shell off of ipods to replace the battery, plus you can find a 12 pack usually for around a buck!
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Default re: Dell Mini 9 Disassembly Pictures

Just start at hinge areas on both sides using fingernail and work forward ending at trackpad side.
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Also not mentioned in the instructions are the 7 screws under the keyboard.
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Originally Posted by khakiman View Post
i think i should mention this guide omits 3 screws necessary to take out before the palm rest will come off. the two mentioned under the rubber grommets, and1 screw that holds on the touchpad under the back cover where the memory and ssd is.
I nearly ripped my touchpad off before figuring that out.

Did you damage yours?

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Can anyone post a pic of the trackpad screw please? I've removed one directly to the right (with battery slot at top) of the wifi card, but experiencing heavy resistance with the palm rest at the front of the machine... dont want to try harder in case I break it!

[edit] I had to remove the front 4 screws on the bottom as well!


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Default Thanks

Thanks, this is perfect. I am looking at a mini with a busted LCD.

Great job!
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Old 07-15-2009, 01:33 AM
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Inspiron Mini 9 Battery, Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Laptop Battery * Fast shipping
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am about to install a new lid on my mini 9.

read and reread this thread for the lid uninst/inst guide.

the guide stops at where the LCD was removed. no pics/guide on how to take out the webcam/speakers/wires from the OLD lid and install it on the NEW lid.

how hard is it to do?
could someone please explain it to me in details?

a guide (or better yet, pics! i know, i know, its too much to ask!) would be hugely appreciated! c",)


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hi seem to have wiped my bios is there anything in here that i can do to reset it? or do i have to buy a new motherboard
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great post full of real info but where is the cmos mobo battery Im sure mine will need to be replaced soon & ? type

btw got the same thread elsewhere before I saw this one via a google search...
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