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Default Questions About Dell Mini 10 - 08-07-2009, 11:29 PM

Well, first of all... I dont speak english xD, so... I'll try to explain myself xD.

I want to buy a Dell Mini 10, that would be my first netbook. I've never buy one and I don't know if it will be a good buy.

*Does the Dell mini 10 have the ''Wi-fi Card'' integrated?

I mean... i've watching some laptops (yeah, i know than this is not one) that have a slot card and the card it's sold separately.

My plans are to conect that dell mini to my home wifi conection.

*There are much difference between the 1.6 Ghz version and the 1.33?

I dont knew that there is a 1.33 version and in my city they just sold the 1.33 version. I'm not exigent with the hardware (my desktop pc is just a Pentium III xDD), but I want to now if there are difference between that two.

*Is the Dell Mini 10 fine to my needs?

I want a netbook to watch videos on youtube, download anime and other stuff that are not Hd. I want to use it to messenger and those things.

Does it run some games?... I don't know... something like emulators of Neo-geo, or old pc games?

And I like a pc portable to use it on the way to my home (on the bus, for example), or on the bed before I going to sleep (It is secure to use it on the bed?).

************************************************** ****

Bueno, ahora en espa├▒ol xD.

Lo que quer├*a preguntar es si necesito comprar algo para usarla con la red wifi de mi casa. Si soporta algunos emuladores o juegos viejos y si hay diferencia entre la version de 1.33 y la 1.6 Ghz.

Quisiera por ejemplo usarla desde mi cama pero no se si será peligroso por el calor que expida, es seguro?.

Thanks for the answers (really xD)

Gracias por las respuestas... si es que me entendieron algo xD


Oh, one more:thing:

Do you reccomend to install Windows 7 on this Dell?... the game or the video files runs better?
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Default 08-11-2009, 09:50 AM

1. Yes, all netbooks (and notebooks/laptops) have WiFi built in. The WiFi could be either b/g or b/g/n, depending on the model of the netbook. They all work with WiFi connections at home and at hotspots.

2. There is not much difference between the 1.33 and the 1.6, besides the GHz. If you can get the 1.6, it would be better.

3. The Mini 10 can do YouTube, and any other video site like Vimeo or others.
It can play back some old games, but there are some new games that play very well on it (like World of Goo). Emulators will work fine.

The graphics card that comes with the Mini 10 is not as good as some other netbooks because it does not have as good drivers for Windows XP. People have said that it works a lot better when they run Windows 7 on it.

* Also, could you tell us more about your Pentium III computer? It may be that the netbook would be faster than it!
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