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Install Snow Leopard WITHOUT a USB DVD drive, using your 10.5.8 and Windows
Published by schnide
Default Install Snow Leopard WITHOUT a USB DVD drive, using your 10.5.8 and Windows

Do you have 10.5.8 installed on your Dell Mac Mini and want to cleanly upgrade to Snow Leopard, but you don't have a USB DVD drive? If you want to use the Netbookmaker and Netbookinstaller method but don't have access to a Mac, here's how you do it without resorting to DellEFI.

You need a Dell Mac Mini with Leopard on it, a Windows PC and a 16gb USB stick. (An 8gb USB might just be enough, but I'm not sure).

1) Insert Snow Leopard retail disc into your PC. SL will come up with a window on autorun, but close that.
2) Download, install and run Transmac trial
3) In Transmac, right click on the drive with DVD in
4) Choose "Save Image As.." and call it SLRetail.dmg, and proceed.

For me this process took about 10 minutes, but YMMV.

5) When finished, insert 16gb USB stick on Windows then format with NFTS as this guide explains:

How To Format USB Drive With NTFS File System | Technize - Be Techdated

6) When finished, copy SLRetail.dmg to USB - this also takes about 10 minutes

7) Remove USB from PC and insert into 10v

8) Copy SLRetail.dmg from USB to 10v into a spare directory. This also takes about 10 minutes.

9) Remove USB from 10v and insert into your PC.

10) Now format it for FAT32 - My Computer > right click > Format > Choose FAT32

11) Remove USB and insert into 10v

12) Then join in with the Mechdrew guide here:

NetbookInstaller 1: USB Installation via Mac | Guides | OS X | mechdrew step no. 2 at "On Mac" section. Except with this method of install, at step 9, use the image you copied over earlier instead of the DVD.

Then proceed as the rest of the guide says. In my case, instead of using the 10.5.7/8 combo update, I've gone for 10.6.1 and it seems to be working fine.

Note: I found when you're about to enter your password at step 8 of "Installing the Combo Update" there was a minute or two delay in being able to enter anything into the box, but after that it worked fine.
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