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Default Mini and Nokia PC Suite - 10-17-2008, 02:30 PM

There is discussion on this site on hacking drivers to get Bluetooth dongles to work with the Mini but I didn’t see anything about how to make the internal Bluetooth work with Nokia PC Suite and possible other software that is incompatible with Widcomm. If it has been mentioned before, feel free to delete this post.

My daughter has a Blackberry with the QWERTY keyboard and tends to write essays she calls text messages which usually require pretty involved responses. You might wonder why she doesn't just call rather than text? She works in an ER and cannot make phone calls but can text - I dunno. Anyway, in the past, I have tethered my Nokia phone via Bluetooth to my computer and, using Nokia PC Suite, I was able to type the replies on my computer and send them through the phone. Well, out of the box the Mini is not compatible with Nokia PC Suite.

I did some googling. On the European Nokia site I found others were discussing the issue and that Nokia has determined that PC Suite is not compatible with Widcomm which is preinstalled on the Mini. I also found discussions of those doing clean installs not wanting to reinstall the apparently bloated Widcomm. Thinking Widcomm was a driver and since the Mini’s Bluetooth in the Device Manager will not allow a manual update to the driver, I decided to work with Dell Tech Support to force the Mini to use XP Bluetooth drivers instead. After what seemed like forever on the phone, I was told by Dell Tech Support that Widcomm is essential and Bluetooth won't work without it.

While the Tech was playing around remotely with my Mini and trying to explain what a driver was because he assumed I was a moron (not far off), I happened to catch a glance of a screen that said "Widcomm Software" and realized my error. After I convinced the Tech that Widcomm was software and not a driver, I was able to talk him into uninstalling Widcomm as a test. He was gratified to find that indeed the Mini’s Bluetooth would not work without it and was ready to begin reinstalling it. I told him I would take it from there since I have the restoration disks and all but hung up on the guy.

I had already read the discussion here ... 2-sp3.html and downloaded the driver beneath the screen shots so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. I simply unzipped the files, went into the device manager and told the Bluetooth to update the driver, directing it to the new driver. The driver installed successfully and Nokia PC Suite now works great. No hacks required!

Hope this helps someone with a similar issue and as little experience as I have.
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