Ubuntu Discussion on Ubuntu on the Dell Inspiron Mini range of netbooks.

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Default 05-26-2009, 03:29 PM

Gonna add my 2 cents in here...

I got myself a refurbished Mini9 b/c I just couldn't resist the price tag. I think it's a very neat device and I'm fairly happy with it (except for the poor concept in key layout). Anyhow, I too got mine in 8.04 flavor and it took up almost all of my 4GB SD. I think I had less than 300mb free.

I went to Ubuntu and followed the simple instructions for writing 9.04 onto a USB stick. This allows you to boot from USB and even try out 9.04 without installing it. Needless to say that after that first experience I went ahead and rebooted to run through the full intstall. This have been pretty smooth since then. I have more than 1GB free on my HD and have been adding nec packages here and there. I'll have to look into the flash plugin questions above b/c I have some sort of issues in firefox where flash files don't load automatically (and I don't think youtube really works at all).

Other than those small elements, 9.04 has been WAY better than the supported Dell edition. I'm still struggling just a bit with getting a cellphone bluetooth tether configured but for now the wifi connection from my home an office seem to do the trick.

- Enjoy.
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Default Mini 10 - 06-02-2009, 07:59 PM

I Know most are refering to Mini 9's.. But Thought Id say something about the Mini 10. I just upgraded from Xp to Ubuntu UNR 904, I Love Ubuntu always have. But even with the new driver fix for the graphics on the 10, the video is still sluggish at best. So I used the desktop switcher, and changed to classic and it sure seems to help a TON. Still sluggish. I Know Ubuntu can perform better than this. I think we just need a good driver set base. Ive read on a couple forums of people putting Xunbuntu and has had a great experiance with it performace wise. Even in XP the video was OK. What i was disappointed with on the dell mini 10 so far is that its supposed to be a netbook right? surf the net do basic things.. So apart of the net is web videos.. and it cant even handle those properly. the video is slow on youtube.. audio is fine but the video skips tons of frames.

But anyways, does any know have any suggestions on Ubuntu to help the video performace out any? Tips? Tricks? A new Driver base that I Dont know about? so far best i can Tell Dell isnt supporting Ubuntu on the Mini 10.. Just the 10v the 10v has a differant Graphics card I belive.

Dell Mini 10 (1010) - Kubuntu 9.04 / Windows 7 / Ubuntu 9.04 / Fedora 11 / CentOS 5 / More to Try Later
Do You have GMA 500 Graphics? Want to run Ubuntu 9.04 Here is a Link on How-To and get the best FrameRate possible and the correct Resolution.
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Default 06-08-2009, 06:17 AM

I'll be going back to Ubuntu after regrettably upgrading from the installed 8.04 to Windows XP. XP just didn't run as nice as Ubuntu was and XP was hogging alot of space on my 8GB SSD. I'm proud to say I'll be going back to Ubuntu with the 9.04 Netbook Remix UNR for a, hopefully, better experience than Windows XP.
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Default 06-11-2009, 04:34 PM

And for the record, it also installs great on a Mini 12. I did it off an SD card in the SD slot (you have to have a card in the slot to set it as bootable in the BIOS). And like the other folks, I am hoping for some sort of driver improvements for video performance. In 8.04 I could watch AVI videos full-screen with pretty smooth action. In UNR, it drops frames in full screen mode so you have to cut the window down to half resolution. And definitely switch the desktop back to Classic.

On the other hand, I had the random hanging problems with 8.04 - I'd rather live with the choppier videos than have it hang in the middle of editing a document or slide show!!!

UPDATE: Found the correct Poulsbo or PSB driver for 9.04 Mini 12 from the ubuntu-mobile project at Launchpad. Directions on how to install are at How to install Ubuntu 9.04 on a Dell Mini 12 ┬ź Tips and thoughts
Tested it today with multiple simultaneous VLCs playing XviDs. You may run into problems getting the repository key recognized but there are workarounds on the web.
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