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Question Ubuntu 8.04: Configuring Japanese? - 05-31-2009, 09:11 PM

UPDATE: I kept trying to screw with it... and it kept giving me trouble. Everything was just running slower than it should have. So I installed the new Linux Mint to try it out and all of my language problems were solved 100%. I can now be bi-lingual on my mini


Hi everyone! I am very new to Linux and I need to be able to switch between Japanese and English very quickly for my work. I've done a fair share of reading, I downloaded Anthy IME, and I configured SCIM to the best of my ability and it seems wonky... I am using the default Ubuntu that came with my mini without the dell launcher.

Although it works fine when I first go into Japanese, it quickly trips up on itself and I don't know why. I have is set to read the romanization as I type (k-a = character "ka") and after a while, it starts duplicating each letter I type as if it doesn't recognize it...

I tried to type in "sensou" for war and the first time it worked. The second time, it looked like "ssennnsoou" and couldn't recognize the word.

Also, some kanjis appear to me missing... The "sen" in sensou is noticably absent for instance... It shows up in the dictionary, but when I type it appears as a box.

If anybody has any experience with this (or can refer me somewhere) I would be eternally grateful! As a linux noob, I cannot tell if the mistake is on my end or on SCIM's...
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Default 06-06-2009, 10:16 AM

I'm sorry to see this so late, but glad to see you've got the problem licked.

I have Japanese input running just fine on Ubuntu 8.04 as it was supplied with the Dell Mini 12. Enabling this was a slightly baffling procedure, but as soon as I got it working, it worked, without anything like the problems you described.

The problem instead is that scim-anthy isn't the greatest FEP. A lot of people I know who do more Japanese input than I do shell out for ATOK instead.
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