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Default Dou as a Android tablet - 06-26-2011, 02:55 PM

I recently found the dou and had a few questions. I read a review that said it was a low end laptop at best with it's specs, but i was wondering if android was put on it could it be used as a high end tablet? (speed wise, battery life, and such) The specs would definitively class it as so.

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Default 06-26-2011, 04:31 PM

I'm going to take a contrarian position on this, Astrid. The Duo never claimed to be more than a unique netbook. I think the Duo is already more of a high end (non laptop)tablet for the very reasons others may complain. It runs full Win7, Outlook and most any other non cpu or gpu intensive software. I'm sure you could load Android and have a powerful Android experience, but that's kinda' like jumbo shrimp. I don't think Android would significantly affect battery life (but an ssd apparently does) but then you would lose the beauty of this machine. Once you do a little tweaking, as is outlined in this forum, speed is not a major issue. Loading programs or web browsing, again- with some of the tips elsewhere in this forum, seems to be fine for all but the most impatient ADD victims. I'm certainly not an Android expert and I would welcome any comment or experience from users, but I wanted a tablet that would do more than one thing at a time, not present me with a bill for apps every month and not force me to become an expert at constantly manipulating a device or software/apps to get it working the way I want. My nieces and nephews who are visiting this week have ieverything with them and guess which portable device they are fighting over? My poorly reviewed refurbished duo. I guess they are outgrowing their fascination with devices that seem designed only to play angry birds and browse--but not at the same time.
Sure, I'd love more battery life- but I notice my friends with other 'all-day battery' tablets seldom leave home w/o a power brick and some sort of carry bag so what's the real advantage- looking better on the coffee table? Slim-n-Sexy it ain't. But then neither is my jeep.
btw-Fringe fan?
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