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Default Dual-Boot OSX SL 1st then XP Guide... - 02-24-2011, 05:48 PM

Hi Guys, new to all this dual booting malarchy but from lots of Google'ing and reading I've figured out a way to set up SL 1st and then partition for and install XP ... It works... honest ... only issue is you need Mechdrew OSX usb key that you create to boot into the OSX partition ...

I'm also looking for help .. how do I change it so I don't need the OSX usb and have some sort of boot choice when powering up my Dell ... whereby I can choose what OS I would like to boot into.. Its boots into XP on power up as standard with this guide...

You Need : OSX usb (mechdrew, see below) a portable DVD ROM drive (about 25 pounds on amazon.co.uk click I got the liteon ETDU108,
the reinstallation XP disk and the utilities disk that came with your Dell mini 10v.

Made a OSX install usb using this guide from Mechdrew... Thanks

(With people without access to a mac like me I used another pc installed and ran VMWare, then installed OSX SL on VMWare and created my Mechdrew OSX usb key that way, Search VMWare OSX install for a guide to this method)

Installed OSX SL using the Mechdrew created usb with no issues ....

Once OSX SL is installed ...

Go to Disk Utitity in Application/Utilities/Disk Utility

Highlight the whole hard disk (not the partition created for OSX)

Click partition in the options on the right and drag the right corner up
to create the osx size you would like (me personally 65GB).

Next click the + (bottom left) twice to create to new partitions...

1st. OSX
2nd. Blank this is how it will look
3rd. Blank

Choose the size and make the 3rd partition (me 75GB) to MS-DOS and name it XP

Here's the trick !!! make the 2nd Partition around 20GB using Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and call it DATA ...

Finally click apply and let Disk Utility do its thing ... the order of the partitions is very important XP must be on the 3rd ... OK

Clear out of disk utility and shut down ... your now ready to install XP

Set the boot f2 to cd and plug in your portable dvd rom drive and stick in th XP install disk that came with your Dell press any key to boot from disk .... this will start the XP install ..

Press Enter when prompted to ... look for XP(75GB in size) partition that you created earlier and format to NTFS(Quick) and let windows do the rest ... when the initial install (blue screen) is completed the Dell will reboot at this stage you will be prompted to press any key to boot from disk DO NOT PRESS ANY KEY just let it run and it will start the next part of the install, again when finished it will reboot ... disconnect the DVD ROM drive as its rebooting and the final part of XP will start ... Thats it you should now be on the windows desktop ....

Plug back in you DVD Drive and put in the utilities disk and install the drivers for you Dell .... disconnect your dvd drive when finished.

When finished go to start shut down and restart and you will see it boots into windows XP ...

To boot into OSX ... shut down XP (WARNING always shut windows down correctly) ... plug in your mechdrew OSX usb and select OSX Drive(not the install disk) and it will boot into OSX SL ....

Go to disk utility again and make the 20GB DATA partition to MS-FAT and click apply ... the partition will now be visable to both OSX and XP should you wanna share files between both OS .. simply place them there

This guide may need editing so any help appreciated ...

Hope this works as it did for me

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Default any one tried - 04-06-2011, 11:13 PM

has anybody gave it a go?
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Default 04-07-2011, 09:09 AM

Run NBI_20100616212351 and install the Chameleon bootloader. Then it can boot into OSX without the USB drive.

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