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Default OS reinstall, choppy audio? - 10-28-2008, 02:43 AM

So I have had my mini for a while now and when I first got it, I had BSODs pretty regularly so I ran the system Diags, and got a couple failures... so Dell sent me a new 16GB SSD to install on (and that was a pain... the screws holding it in stripped when i tried taking it out... they put them in way to dang tight..) anyway once I reinstalled Windows, it seems to be ok at first but the Audio is all garbly when I boot, and in some cases when I reboot. Once its fully loaded and nothing really going on, some audio apps are ok but just wondering if anyone else is having this issue? I just think its weird because the system didnt do this when I first got it..

I have tried a Pro install, the OEM Home install, and both have the issue... I have also tried creating a nLite install of both pro / home and same issue.. seems fine at first boot but once windows updates and other drivers install it just gets all garbly. I also have tried the latest drivers off the Dell site.

I would like to run XP on here but so far I think I am going to start running Ubuntu instead if I can get a working install disk for it haha (I want to try the Dell remix version.. I know the regular one works fine with a few tweaks). Oh FYI I have also installed Vista Ultimate on it for fun, it installs fine and seemed to run ok But I didnt keep it on long enough to really poke around in it.. maybe I will try that again if I have time... So far it seems I spend more time reinstalling this thing than actually using it HAHA...

Thanks guys.
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